100 Summer Bucket List Ideas To Make Memories This Summer For the Whole Family

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Make memories this summer with this list of 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas to help you and your family brainstorm ways to make this Summer, an intentional Summer before it’s over.

100 Summer Bucket List Ideas To Make Memories This Summer For the Whole Family 1

Have you ever vowed to be intentional with your Summer, but somewhere in the middle of it realized that it’s almost halfway over and you haven’t done anything on your mental Summer Bucket List?

Maybe you have some ideas but can’t think of anything else.

Maybe you want to be intentional but don’t know where to start.

100 Summer Bucket List Ideas Make a Wish

Wherever you find yourself, this list will help. It’s not all-inclusive. You don’t have to complete every single one of the ideas. It’s simply a starting point.

Take this list of memory making ideas and make note of things you want to do with your family this Summer, ask your family for ideas, and write them down on this Summer Bucket List.

Ta-da! You’ve completed your Summer Bucket List for an intentional Summer. I’ve included links to blog posts as well as some affiliate links to make it easier. You’ll want to remember these memories you’re making too, so make sure you read these six ways to capture your memories this Summer.

100 Summer Bucket List Ideas To Make Memories This Summer

1. Go on a nature scavenger hunt.
2. Take one picture each day and make a photo book at the end of the summer break.
3. Make DIY Ribbon Flip Flops.
4. Plant an herb garden.
5. Make a fairy garden.
6. Visit a local museum.
7. Make homemade candles.
8. Make a portable sandbox.
9. Regrow store-bought vegetables for your garden.
10. Visit a local pool.
11. Make a list of the local parks and plan a trip to each one.
12. Pull out the sidewalk chalk and draw self-portraits.
13. Make your own bubble solution and go outside to have a bubble blowing contest.
14. Have a water balloon fight. These water balloons are AMAZING.

100 Summer Bucket List Ideas Have a Water balloon fight

15. Plan a road trip.
16. Make your own body scrub.
17. Make your own onion and garlic powder.
18. Have ice (affiliate link) cream for dinner or nice-cream.
19. Make homemade ice cream.
20. Make homemade popsicles.
21. Go to the drive-in movies.
22. Have a pizza and popcorn movie night.
23. Have an indoor picnic.
24. Be tourists in your city for the day.
25. Visit a local farmer’s market.
26. Have the kids make dinner for the parents.
27. Watch fireworks.
28. Visit a National Park.
29. Plan a camping trip.
30. Visit the Zoo.
31. Paint rocks.

100 Summer Bucket List Ideas Go outside and run

32. Go to a concert/the Symphony in a local park.
33. Visit the library.
34. Camp in the backyard (or in the living room).
35. Build a fort.
36. Go for a hike.
37. Have a dance party.
38. Build a LEGO castle.
39. Visit a nursing home.
40. Read a book together.
41. Make a bird feeder.
42. Visit a local fire station.
43. Go to a baseball game.
44. Make lemonade.
45. Make mini-pies.
46. Visit a U-pick berry farm.
47. Have a tea party with blossom tea biscuits.

48. Go outside and look at the stars.
49. Visit the Planetarium.
50. Visit the Science Museum.
51. Fly a kite.
52. Learn how to make balloon animals.
53. Make art with vegetable stamps (like potato halves cut into shapes and the cut base of a bunch of celery).
54. Eat watermelon.
55. Climb a tree.
56. Make a foil dinner.
57. Eat smores.
58. Catch (and release) fireflies.
59. Make cupcakes and share with neighbors.
60. Write a letter.
61. Write a book as a family with each member writing a chapter (or two or three).
62. Go to the beach.
63. Hike in the mountains.
64. Train to run a 5k as a family in the Fall.

100 Summer Bucket List Ideas eat pineapple

65. Collect seashells.
66. Collect rocks.
67. Learn how to knit.
68. Learn how to code.
69. Go to the county fair.
70. Make a Summer music playlist.
71. Have a family game night.
72. Take a staycation.
73. Make gluten-free playdough.
74. Make a Countdown Calendar for your next Disney vacation.
75. Make bunny shaped soap.
76. Make an autograph t-shirt for your Disney vacation.
77. Visit a waterpark.
78. Make paper towel roll rockets.
79. Make homemade pizza.
80. Make root beer floats.
81. Build a sandcastle.
82. Put on a play.
83. Go outside and draw a picture of something that you see.
84. Make a meal from recipes you find on Pinterest.

100 Summer Bucket List Ideas Ice Pops

85. Go geocaching.
86. Have breakfast for dinner.
87. Visit a splash pad.
88. Make a pizza box oven.
89. Order a Kiwi Crate box and when it comes, put it together.
90. Create Invisible Ink.
91. Create a scientific symphony with musical jars.
92. Create scientific butter
93. Make Your Own Light Bulb.
94. Make magnetic putty.
95. Hold your own backyard Olympics.
96. Create edible geodes.
97. Learn how to turn a penny green.
98. Design a Rainforest garden in a jar.
99. Make a funny video.
100. Make an eggshell disappear.

Want more inspiration? Check out my Summer Bucket List Ideas Pinterest Board.

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  1. Whitney! I love this post — what great ideas 🙂 And, I feel like you read my mind because a more intentional summer has been in my thoughts.

    1. Thanks, Lora! Every year I start out with lots of ideas but then life gets in the way. This Summer WILL be different.

  2. Have fun!
    To me, however, summer is all about relaxing and letting things unfold without any intentions.

    1. That’s been our Summers the last couple of years. We will still have LOTS of down time and being “bored” but for those moments when we needs ideas, I’m prepared. Thanks for stopping by!

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