30 Easy DIY Body Scrub Recipes That Will Make You Feel Amazing

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Your skin is your largest organ. It helps protect your organs, holds you all together, and keeps your body temperature regulated. But it can also be one of the most overlooked body parts because we see it every day. One way we can pamper our skin is to exfoliate.

homemade body scrub recipes

Do you exfoliate your skin? No matter what your skin type is, exfoliation is a smart move. Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells and allows healthy new skin cells to generate more efficiently. Simply put, it's one of the most effective things you can do to get healthy, younger-looking, glowing skin.

Exfoliation is a healthy part of any skincare routine. You can dry skin brush, which I hear is amazing but I've never tried it. You can also buy exfoliating scrubs. These range in cost, but you don't have to pay big bucks for scrubs!

You can make your own all natural homemade scrub with very inexpensive ingredients – you probably already have many of them right in your kitchen. You will save money and you will know exactly what the ingredients are!

30 Homemade Body Scrub Recipes

These recipes are free from toxic ingredients. Whether you are making them for your own beauty routine or to give as homemade gifts, you are bound to find a scrub recipe that works for you in this list of DIY scrubs from around the web.

30 Easy DIY Body Scrub Recipes That Will Make You Feel Amazing 1
  1. Hydrating Body Scrub
  2. DIY Caffeine Cellulite Scrub
  3. Invigorating Lemon-Grapefruit Salt Scrub
  4. Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub
  5. Lemon Foot Scrub
  6. Vanilla Latte Sugar Scrub
  7. Whipped Lemon Salt Scrub
  8. DIY Cinnamon Scrub
  9. Rosemary & Mint Sugar-Salt Scrub
  10. Green Tea Sugar Scrub
  11. Orange & Pomegranate Scrub
  12. Homemade Face Scrub
  13. DIY Margarita Scrub
  14. Sandalwood & Grapefruit Himalayan Salt Scrub
  15. Detoxing Salt Soak & Scrub
  16. Coffee Salt Scrub
  17. Baby Rose Sugar Scrub
  18. Grapefruit Mint Sugar Scrub
  19. Lovely Lavender Sugar Scrub
  20. Oatmeal Honey Face Scrub
  21. Chocolate Sugar Scrub
  22. Coconut Tangerine Sugar Scrub
  23. Jasmine Dead Sea Salt Soap and Body Scrub
  24. Pumpkin Spice Scrub
  25. Cucumber Mint Sugar Scrub
  26. Coconut Coffee Body Scrub Cubes
  27. Fresh Purple Basil Mint Sugar Scrub
  28. Underarm Whitening Scrub
  29. Kiss Me' Honey Lip Scrub
  30. Spiced Chai Scrub Bars

Which of these will you try making?

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