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Launched in 2013 as the lifestyle blog Beauty in the Mess, Simplifying Family is a lifestyle brand that includes a printable shop and daily editorial content with a focus on family travel, simplifying your life, food, and joyful moments from everyday life.

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Who Is Orlando Blogger Whitney Cornelison?

Hi! I'm Whitney!

I started my first website in 2003 to keep family and friends updated on what was happening in my life after moving to North Carolina. I was so proud of myself for figuring out how to code a little mailbox so people could email me. It might have even had sparkles.

While I wish I had documented our infertility journey, the monthly rollercoaster was too raw to share.

In 2013, I officially started the Mommy Blog Beauty in the Mess. It was a time when I struggled to see the beauty in the mess of motherhood but I desperately wanted to and I wanted others to see the beauty in their mess as well.

As the years went on, Beauty in the Mess grew and stretched in Simplifying Family. Now, I'm a Mom of a fabulous 14-year-old, an adventurous 12-year-old, an animated 11-year-old, and a sweet and spicy 9-year-old.

In the Spring of 2016, our family packed up our house in North Carolina and moved across the country to Denver, Colorado. Then in 2018, after an epic road trip along the West Coast, we moved from Denver to Orlando Florida.

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Yes! We are living the dream of my younger self as we live close to Walt Disney World.

Apartment living was great for a while but in 2021 we bought a house!

Life is an adventure, and I am here for it.

We love to travel as a family. It's kind of messy and always loud, but all good adventures are. If you see me out at Disney Parks or out and about, you'll usually find me a dress from Ivy City Co or jeans and a t-shirt. Usually in my Saltwaters or TOMS.

Stitch Fix has helped me get out of the “mommy rut” clothing dilemma. Did you know they carry TOMS?!

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The Simplifying Family

As with every family, each person is an individual with their own personality that shines through.

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The boys are polar opposites. While the oldest (12) has never met a stranger and speaks his mind, the youngest (10) is reserved and thoughtful, taking it all in. Once he warms up though, he's a comedian. Both love to travel and have a good adventure. They are big Disney Junior, Star Wars, and Marvel fans. They could play with LEGOS for hours. But neither one ever wants to eat anything green, unless the oldest is at Olive Garden. Only then will he eat a salad.

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The girls are our bookends. While only five years separate them, sometimes that feels like an eternity.

The oldest (14) is trying to pave her own way, while also wanting to play with her siblings. She loves to travel and talks about wanting to visit Paris, France when she's older. She went from reading the Harry Potter Series to all things Percy Jackson and Rick Riordan. Now life is all about Percy Jackson, cosplay, and embroidery.

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The littlest is sweet and spicy and not so little anymore at 10 years old. She can hold her own in squabbles with her older siblings. She is the best storyteller and is always trying to figure out how to make money.

Holidays and birthdays are always an adventure. We think our kids need stuff. Is that really what will make them happy? Let's come up with creative solutions to celebrate our children without more toys to clutter our living spaces.

Family travel is important to us. If we can travel as a family of six, then anyone can. If you would like to sponsor a road trip, email me at

Our unique situation leaves us flexible and allows us to think outside the box.

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