Summer Road Trip: Have Mess Will Travel

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This Summer we are doing something a little crazy. We are taking a month-long West Coast Summer road trip. With four kids.

The dog is staying with my mom and will be loved and taken care of by my brother, dad, and of course my mom. They do love a silly pup.

A road trip out West has been on our Summer Bucket List for YEARS.

The time is finally here.

It really feels like a no-brainer. The kids are out of school on May 24th, I can work from anywhere that has wi-fi, and my husband is still looking for a job.

Toyota Sienna 2017 Back Seat with Dual DVD Player and Wireless Headphones

We’ve always dreamed of taking a road trip out West. We never thought we’d actually live here though. Being that we don’t know where we will land when my husband does get a job, and we want to see more of the West Coast with the kids, we decided it’s now or possibly never.

The timing is perfect.

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The Plan

We are packing up our three bedroom apartment while decluttering AGAIN (where does all this stuff come from?!), putting everything in a storage unit, and hitting the road sometime around June 11th. Summer road trip here we come!

What the WHAT?!

That’s probably what most people are thinking. But it really feels like the next right step.

Open Trunk Space Toyota Sienna

Is it crazy?

Probably. But I think if we didn’t go, we’d regret it.

We will be doing laundry along the way, so we won’t have to pack 30 days worth of clothes of everyone. We have added in a few down days and work days for me. Some of the places have kitchens so we won’t be eating out every meal.

Summer Road Trip Itinerary

While exact dates aren’t nailed down just yet, I can tell you where we are going!

We are starting out in Denver, Colorado.

Heading south to Moab, Utah.

Then to Zion National Park.

Stopping in Phoenix, AZ on the way to San Diego, CA.

From San Diego to Anaheim where we will most likely visit The Happiest Place on Earth! Hello, Disneyland!! The kids are SUPER excited about this.

Visiting the Santa Monica Pier, walking along Venice Beach, and driving past the house my great-grandparents lived in when I was little.

Summer Road Trip 2018

Then headed north to San Francisco.

From there we will stand beside Redwood trees that will tower over us.

This is where we will either head to Multnomah Falls and Seattle or start heading East again.

Regardless, we’ll be headed east to Yellowstone National Park and taking in the sites.

Then headed back to Denver.

By then, hopefully, we will know our next steps.

How I’m Feeling

I’m excited. I’m a little nervous.

Technically, we will be homeless.

Through this process of my husband losing his job though, the Lord has granted me peace. He is ordering our next steps, and this next step feels right.

Whitney Laughing in Pasadena and the Langham

Do we know what happens when we come back?

Nope. We don’t. For now, I am focusing on taking it one day at a time. We will worry about tomorrow when it gets here.

Join us!

Guess what?!

You can join us!

It is my prayer that God will use this trip for His good. That we will make lots of memories on this Summer road trip, and become closer as a family. We are also praying that He will reveal our next steps while we are on this trip.

This is the Summer of making memories and finding beauty in the mess.

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  1. This is wild and crazy and awesome! Definitely do it now while things aren’t set in stone and the kids are still young, because once you know what lies ahead you won’t take the risk! God’s got this one!

    1. I’m excited! If I think too long on the details it stresses me out, but overall, I’m really excited. We might not have this opportunity again!

    1. It’s ALL about the memories this Summer. Who knows if we’ll ever have this opportunity again!

  2. You’re going to be so glad you did it! Summer 2016 we took a 3-week road trip through 8 states. It was wonderful 🙂

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