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I’m so glad you are here. This is your space. It is my prayer that Simplifying Family is a place where you can come to exhale the worries of the day.

A place where you learn new tips and tricks to create routines that work so you can breathe again.

Simplifying Family is where you learn to simplify your life so you can make time for what matters most.

living a life of simplicity and joy.

Learn how to make time for what matters most by adding margin to your busy life.

Simplifying Family Life

The demands of our day can be overwhelming. 

As a mom of four, during the little years, I remember trying to get lunch on the table with tears falling down my face. My to-do list was overwhelming and I couldn’t figure out how to eat food on the table, have clean clothes, have an orderly house, and keep everyone alive at the end of the day.

Spring Pictures Cornelison 2016

You are not alone.

I see you, Mama.

I see you getting frustrated over the little things {and big things}.

I see you breaking down in tears as you prepare lunch {or snacks or fold laundry} yet again.

I see you doing the bedtime routine by yourself because your husband works insane hours.

The mundane every day feels more like a prison than a blessing.

Nothing seems to go right. You think that if for just one day your children could listen and obey, you could get out of this fog.

If for just one day, you could have all the laundry washed, dried, and put away, you could breathe.

If for just one day you could finish everything on your to-do list, you might not feel like you’re drowning anymore.

But the laundry is never-ending, and your to-do list keeps growing.

We won’t even start with the kids.

I see you. You aren’t alone. We are in this together. Let me link arms with you. We can support each other. Because we need each other.

We don’t need judgment or ridicule.

We’re good at doing that to ourselves. Let me pour you a cup of hot tea {or coffee or hot chocolate}, and let’s talk. I’ll have tissues because I know when I bare my heart to you, I’ll cry.

You know, that ugly cry that results in sobbing, that feels like it cleanses the soul? Yep, that one.

We can remind each other of God’s promises and the truth of Scripture that we have forgotten.

I see you. You are not alone. ❤️

Finding Simplicity in the Overwhelm

Life is messy and overwhelming, but there are systems we can have in place to make getting through the day easier. We can also give ourselves grace when we can’t live up to a Pinterest-worthy or Picture Perfect Instagram life. When we change the lens through which we see our lives, we can see the beauty in the mess.

We can find our joy again.

I want to help you find systems and products that make your life easier so you can make time for what matters most to you.

What matters most will be different for everyone. 

For me, that means I want to spend more time with my family enjoying life – usually spending quality family time at Walt Disney World and traveling with my friends.

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