8 Things To Do Before 8 AM: How to Create a Morning Routine That Lasts

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Simplify your morning routine by skipping the time wasters. Try these 8 things to do before 8 am to make your day run smoothly and less stress-filled as you simplify your life.

Before having kids, I had an idea in my mind about what life would look like. I would fix breakfast every morning since it's the most important meal of the day. We would take a quick walk in the morning or do morning workouts together. There would always be clean clothes. My kids would be polite and perfect. I thought if we set goals and were early risers, we'd start each day on the right foot and we'd become productive people.

Instead, I was drowning.

I couldn’t breathe. Life was overwhelming. I wasn't creating good habits. My mental health was lacking and I was far from getting enough hours of sleep. My energy levels were waning. Morning time was anything but simple. There was no such thing as a productive day. Cereal was the go-to breakfast food, and I rarely sat down to eat.

I knew that I couldn’t keep up with what I was doing, but at the same time, I didn’t know how to put an end to the vicious cycle.

8 Things To Do Before 8 AM: How to Create a Morning Routine That Lasts 1

How do you stop the cycle of overwhelm and pivot to a positive outlook and better life?

I told myself that this was my life now. This is just what life looks like with four kids under eight.

Hindsight is 20/20. It didn’t have to be that way. We could have a simple morning routine that set the tone for the rest of the day. I didn’t have to be frazzled all the time and put our fires 24-7 until I collapsed in bed.

That is the lie I believed.

But how do you create a simple morning routine and makeover your mornings when you aren't morning people?

It was going to take a HUGE shift in my way of thinking as a night owl who enjoyed those late nights. I was going to have to train myself to go to bed earlier and adopt those early hours as my own. This night owl was going to have to make over her mornings and get a healthy amount of sleep.

A plan was needed for the best way to start my morning. I needed a morning makeover. Our morning routine needed to begin with simple morning lists that were followed.

It took a couple of weeks but I realized that there were several things that I needed to get done every morning before the kids got up for a less chaotic day.

Overwhelmed? Stressed? Try starting your day with these eight tasks for a more productive and less hectic day. And notice what is NOT on the list.

The best morning routine starts at the end of the day. These ten things before 10 PM have made a huge difference in how my week goes.

I won’t say every day is perfect, but there was a lot less crazy. Even with four kids and working from home. Healthy habits aren't always easy to start but they show me that there are better ways to create the perfect morning routine. Here is my 8 am morning routine.

8 Things to Do Before 8 am | Things To Do In The Morning

Here is a simple morning routine of 8 things you can do before 8 am to start your morning off right. With this morning schedule routine, you can establish a successful early morning routine and get these 8 things to do before 8 am done in no time. You don't even have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to get them done!

Important things first. This will be the key to starting daily routines for you and your family even if you aren't a morning person. This is for all you night owls too.

What Should I Do Before 8 am? | Morning Routine Ideas

1. Start the Laundry

Every simple morning routine should start with laundry. A lot of people struggle with laundry. It's a hated chore that gets pushed aside on a busy day. There are laundry chairs, laundry treadmills, and laundry that gets left in the washer for days.

It doesn’t end there, though. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to rewash loads of clothes multiple times right now though I’m washing a load of laundry but forgot to add the clothes. Oops!

Have a plan on when you will put it in the dryer.

For me, it’s washing a load after the kids are dressed for the day and putting it in the dryer when the littlest goes down for her nap or when she wakes up since the laundry room is on the second floor.

8 things to do before 8 am

2. Drink WATER

On my list of first things first, in the morning, water is a must. A glass of water should be the first thing you drink in the morning, then you can drink your much-needed cup of coffee.

morning routine drink water

Don’t like plain water? That’s okay. Infused water tastes great and helps you get in your daily water needs.

3. Empty the Dishwasher

It's like a clean slate. When the dishwasher is empty, as dishes get dirty you can bypass the sink and put them straight in the dishwasher. That leaves you with a clean sink.

8 Things To Do Before 8 AM: How to Create a Morning Routine That Lasts 2

I don't know about you, but a clean sink helps my sanity in hard times. This is a huge one if a sink full of dishes makes your anxiety level go up.

Definitely add it to your list of 8 things to do before 8 am simple morning routine.

4. Read your Bible

In some seasons this can seem daunting. So impossible that we make excuse after excuse on why we can't sit down long enough to read and meditate on God's Word. Let us not give up.

Write down Scripture verses and post them throughout your house. Read one Proverb a day until it becomes a habit and you crave that time to delve into the Word. It's not impossible.

5. Plan Your Meals

Mom with Toddler Son

Do you like to meal plan? I don’t. That’s how I knew I needed to add this to my simple morning routine.

Know what you are having for dinner.

Make a simple list of meals your family loves to eat. Meal planning is so important in sticking to your budget and maintaining a lower stress level at home.

When you know what you’re having for dinner in the morning, you can prep the ingredients early in the day and won’t be standing in front of the pantry and fridge while your children are tugging on your pants and legs begging for food.

Don't forget to have a healthy breakfast! But even if it's just coffee, add this to your 8 things to do before 8 am.

6. Get Dressed

Did you know that getting dressed is an important part of a simple morning routine?

This sounds silly, I know. The difference between the flow of the day when I am dressed and ready to tackle the day when the kids wake up and the days when the opposite is true is amazing.

Is your closet overwhelming? There is a solution. First things first, streamline your wardrobe.

7. Brain Dump

Doing a brain dump will help in your morning makeover. Make two columns on a piece of paper, or purchase these brain dump sheets on Etsy. On one side write down what you are thankful for. On the other write down all the things weighing on you.

Your to-do list, everything that you know you need to get done, future events, things that you want to do, and every thought that comes to mind, write it down.

8 things to do before 8 am for a productive day

You don't have to write it in any kind of order, just write down everything. It's amazing how much brain capacity we take up just trying to remember everything. Once it's written down, you can visualize what needs to happen and make your to-do list.

Maybe you want to add this to your 8 things to do before 8 am but want a different approach. That's okay!

Amiyrah Martin has a great way to organize your to-do lists with her Long List Short List that will help you organize your week!

8. Simple Morning Lists

Make a simple morning list of things you need to get done. After you write it down, prioritize those items.

What has to happen?

What could be done tomorrow if life happens and disrupts your list?

Pick three things. If you get to more, awesome! If not, no worries. There is always tomorrow.

Notice What Is NOT On The List of 8 Things To Do Before 8 AM

Did you notice what wasn't part of this simple morning routine?

Checking social media. Checking email. Catching up on the daily gossip. While tempting, those are total time wasters.

If you want to streamline your day and get more accomplished, skip those and start with the non-negotiables.

Don't worry if you hit the snooze button too many times and wake up feeling behind. Commit to not wait until the next day. Start when you can and complete your important tasks. The perfect time to start is now.

Your Simple Morning Routine Makeover

Do you need a morning makeover? What is your morning routine to start the day out right?

Do you follow my list of 8 things to do before 8 am during your morning routine, or do you have a different plan each morning?

Do you try to do these 10 things before 10 PM to improve your productivity?

Consider making your simple morning lists the night before so you know exactly what you need to tackle when you wake up in the morning.

8 Things To Do Before 8 AM

Try simplifying your life by starting your day off on the right foot. These eight actions, while simple, make a huge difference in how we organize the rest of our day.

Need more morning routine examples? Here is an early morning routine for students for summer example.

8 things to do before 8 am for a better day

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  1. I love writing to do lists in the morning, it really is a brain dump for me and you’re so right- you don’t even realise how much energy you’re wasting my just trying to remember everything. It’s so much easier to just write things down and see it all in front of you.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  2. This was so good! I’m pregnant with my first baby and work part-time, I can see these are great habits to start before baby comes. Thanks

  3. I love the idea of brain dumping! I always have a daily to-do list but some things get lost in the busyness of everyday life. I read somewhere that when we write things down our brain can relax because it doesn’t have to keep reminding us to do the task.
    It’s always great to try a few new ideas to be more productive!
    I have a card on my counter that says, “How I live my days is how I live my life!” I want each day to be worthwhile and honor our Great God!

    1. Brain dumping is a MUST for me as well. However, I find that it’s actually something that I find most essential at night. I’ll lie there with thoughts running and tumbling over each other until I just have to get up and write them down. THEN I can rest.

      Good to see other empty-nesters here too.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I agree that giving all of those areas a nudge gives so much more motivation throughout the day.

  5. Thanks for sharing! Drinking water, before coffee, is so important! But once you start drinking water, it is easier throughout the day!

    1. I’m glad you found them helpful, Jenna! You could always exercise or fill that time with something that works for you! These are just suggestions. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Hello,

    Great tips! Kudos for this post!
    I love the point on reading the Bible. In fact, I’m on a plan to read the whole Bible in one year. It’s my prayer that I get this mission accomplished.

    I’m curious though about drinking water in the morning. So, how does drinking water in the morning help?

    Many thanks

    Denzil Otieno
    Content Writer

    1. Yes, I was really good about waking up at 6am for a few weeks. Read my bible, prayed. I was more positive. I simply need to get back into that!
      Thank you for this.

  7. This is awesome! We began homeschooling this year and I too had to totally change around my morning. I started doing most of gr things on this list. I love the Brain Dump, though! I’m definitely adding that to my list! Thanks!

  8. I love your list! Some great ways to really get the day started on the right foot! Especially writing down a gratitude list and worry list! Just get it all out in the morning so that we can focus on more of the positives and less on the negatives.

  9. Thank you for saying read your Bible
    I read Gods word before bedtime and early in the morning as early as 3-4 am it starts my day .

  10. I think we would all have better days if we would read our bibles. the absolute best time to do so is in the morning! I am retired so it is easy for me to get up and do this but I wish I had made time to do this when my kids were growing up.

  11. Everything on the list is great. Especially doing the laundry in the morning. And of course, drinking water. Thank you for this awesome post.

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