20 Brilliant Uses for Lavender Essential Oil That You Might Not Know

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20 uses for lavender essential oil that you may or may already know.

Lavender essential oil is one of the most versatile essential oils. It helps calm my family before bed, and it's always in our first aid kit. I also love to use a couple of drops of lavender essential oil mixed with coconut oil for a nice soothing lotion.

Especially with this itchy pregnant belly! Since it's one of my favorite oils that I am never without, I thought I would share how to use lavender oil. If you're new to essential oils, lavender is one of the first essential oils that you want to start your collection.

Diving into the essence of essential oil lavender, I've uncovered that it is not just a scent, but a powerhouse of benefits. 

From soothing the mind to improving sleep, and even managing pain, lavender essential oil stands out.

20 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

From dabbing essential oil lavender on my wrists as a natural perfume, spritzing a lavender-infused blend to freshen the air, to diffusing lavender in the bedroom before bed – lavender essential oil truly enhances my day-to-day life.

20 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

a field of lavender at sunset on a lavender farm

1. Stop a runny nose. 

I have rubbed Lavender under my nose, and under my kid's noses, and our runny noses actually stopped. You can also rub a drop of lemon essential oil behind the ears.

2. Calm down the restless.

Sometimes it's hard for us to calm down before bed. I usually apply lavender to our feet, and diffuse it to encourage rest at night.

3. Burns.

Apply 2 to 3 drops of lavender and the sting of the burn goes away. Continue applying throughout the day, and the healing occurs more quickly.

4. Cuts and Bruises.

I apply a drop of lavender essential oil. Lavender helps calm the little one who is hurt, and it doesn't burn like some ointments or creams {according to my daughter}.

5. Seasonal Relief.

Applied under the nose, diffused with peppermint, a drop in a spoonful of raw honey, has all worked for me.

6. Nausea

When you're nauseous or struggle with motion sickness, you can put lavender around your belly button and/or behind your ears. Lavender is one of the essential oils that is safe during pregnancy, so it's worth a try to see if it will help with morning sickness!

7. Laundry

To freshen your laundry {like when you've left laundry in the washer for a week, and you've washed it a couple of times, even with vinegar, and it still smells off}. I dry the clothes, and then add a couple of drops to the wool dryer balls we use, and toss them in on air dry.

8. Deodorant

I add lavender essential oil to my homemade deodorant recipe because of the antibacterial properties and of course the smell.

9. Headache

When your head hurts, you can rub lavender on your temples to alleviate the pain.

10. Stress

Feeling stressed? Add a couple of drops to your palm and rub the back of your neck near the base.

11. Diaper Rash

To help combat diaper rash, scoop out some coconut oil and add a drop of lavender. It smells good and soothes their little bottoms.

12. Sunburn.

To soothe our sunburns over the Summer, I again applied coconut oil with a couple of drops of lavender essential oil. It was amazing how quickly it took the sting away. I would suggest having at least two bottles on hand during the Summer. At least I wish I had two bottles on hand with the sunburns, cuts and scrapes, and bug bites.

13. Cleaning.

Do you usually clean with vinegar and water but the smell gets to you? Add several drops of lavender essential oil to the spray bottle. Don't forget to shake well.

14. Soothing soak.

Add a few drops to a handful of Epsom salts before a bath for a relaxing soak in the tub.

15. Homemade facial scrub.

Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to rolled oats, or sugar, for a nice smoothing scrub.

16. Uneven complexion

Changes in my complexion during my cycle. You know what I'm talking about. Bumps, redness, blotchiness. Lavender helps.

17. Monthly Cramps.

Massage lavender essential oil with a little coconut oil over the area and apply a warm compress.

18. Reduce elevated temperatures.

While peppermint is my usual go-to oil to bring down temperatures, lavender is a great one to use on children under two.

19. Ear Pain.

When your ear starts aching and you think it may lead to an ear infection, rub lavender around the ear, behind the ear, and down the throat.

20. Refreshing Drink

For a refreshing drink, add a drop of lavender to your favorite lemonade. I've also made lavender tea with warm water and honey.

I hope you enjoyed this list of ways to use lavender essential oil!

Did you know lavender had so many uses?!

How do you use lavender essential oil?

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    1. Thanks, Heather! I think I’m going to make lists of the most common popular essential oils. I’m always looking for new ways to use them. Essential oils are so versatile!!

  1. thank you so much for this great list. I love the smell of lavendar and have some lavendar oil I will have to put it to good use. Thanks for linking up at Tell Me About It Tuesday. We hope you hop over and share with us again next week.

  2. Hello. I found this post via Pinterest. I have the basics of essential oils, that’s why I’m a bit confused by your post. Shouldn’t all essential oils be combined with a carrier oil before putting on your skin?

    1. Lavender is gentle enough that I don’t always on myself. I do on my kids. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. against lice. Add a few drops to your shampoo to wash your hair. Put a drop after each ear, repeat after a week, when the nits are grown. Worked with my daughter who had tried almost everything that exists.

  4. Thanks for the great tips. I am confused on one however; I heard to never ingest essential oils… so how is it safe to put some in lemonade?

    1. Honestly, it depends on who you talk to. Even the big name experts seem to be divided on the subject of ingesting essential oils. Like with most things, moderation is key. I would never topically apply or ingest just any essential oil brand. After using YL for years and seeing results multiple times, I trust them. I don’t ingest essential oils daily, but I do occasionally.

  5. I’m just now (with my daughter’s recommendation) getting into essential oils . I appreciate your uses for lavendar now I know that she her name is Heather as well ) is right again about using oils for so many benefits. Thank You, Rita

    1. We love our oils! Lavender is a must have for everyone. There are so many uses for lavender. I’m glad you found this list useful! I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I’ve been warned that Lavender should not be used on pregnant women due to it’s relaxing properties. Can bring on early labour.

    1. I used Lavender all through my pregnancies. I even used it to help stop premature labor. But as with all things, you should consult your doctor.

  7. I use lavender for mosquito bites! They swell my mom up like crazy, and just a rub of straight oil, stops the itch and reduces the swelling in a matter of 2 minutes! Also, ever step in a mess of stinging nettle!? Rub a few drops in the palm of your hands with some coconut oil, rub the area that’s stinging, instantly gone!

    1. Hi Whitney…..do you know if it would be safe to mix a few drops of lavender oil with distilled water to clean my fresh fruits and veggies? ❤️

  8. Thank you for sharing information. So far, Lavender is my best. I use it in almost everything. These essential oils work as miracles.

  9. Thank you for this! My daughter has told me that lavender essential oil is really helpful for getting rest. Although, I had no idea that you could do all of this! This really was a wonderful read, really informative!

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