8 Informative Birth Books to Read As You Prepare for Labor and Delivery

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Preparing for baby: a list of birth books for new and veteran moms alike.

As March is quickly approaching, I’m going to do a little series on Preparing for Baby. Honestly, I haven’t done much to prepare for this baby. Isn’t that horrible?

My to-do list is long. Nesting is in full swing. I am on a mission to simplify our house and declutter from top to bottom. Not because I have the energy to do it, but because I can’t help myself. I *need* to do this. If I try to let it go, it drives me crazy. Oh, hormones. You gotta love them.

stack of birth books

One of the things I am doing to prepare for a baby is skimming the books that we have from our previous births. I may not read each book cover to cover again, but I am highlighting the information I think I may need and what I want my husband to read again. It’s never a bad idea to reread your birth books!

I made a list of the books we have and added in some of the books that have been on my reading list from previous births. While some I loved from cover to cover, others had some great info but the rest was not really for me. I’m not all about birthing circles, and I’d really rather everyone stay clothed while I’m in labor.

You may even be able to find some of these books at Goodwill or other second-hand stores. It’s at least worth a shot to look. I’d also ask your circle of friends to see if they might have them collecting dust on their bookshelves. You never know! I’ve added my affiliate links to help you find the right books for you.

Birth Books to Read to Prepare for Labor and Delivery

I have used affiliate links to make browsing easier for you.

The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth8 Informative Birth Books to Read As You Prepare for Labor and Delivery 1

The Birth Partner: Everything You Need to Know to Help a Woman Through Childbirth, Second Edition8 Informative Birth Books to Read As You Prepare for Labor and Delivery 2

Active Birth: The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally (Non)8 Informative Birth Books to Read As You Prepare for Labor and Delivery 3

Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year (Wise Woman Herbal Series, Book 1) (Wise Woman Herbal Series : No. 1)8 Informative Birth Books to Read As You Prepare for Labor and Delivery 4

HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method: A natural approach to a safe, easier, more comfortable birthing (3rd Edition)8 Informative Birth Books to Read As You Prepare for Labor and Delivery 5

Supernatural Childbirth8 Informative Birth Books to Read As You Prepare for Labor and Delivery 6

Redeeming Childbirth: Experiencing His Presence in Pregnancy, Labor, Childbirth, and Beyond8 Informative Birth Books to Read As You Prepare for Labor and Delivery 7

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way: Revised Edition8 Informative Birth Books to Read As You Prepare for Labor and Delivery 8
What books did you find most useful while preparing for labor and delivery?

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  1. This is a great idea, looking forward to it! I am 16 weeks with my second, my first being only 10 months – so labour wasn’t so long ago 🙂 Looking back, the best way I prepared for labour and birth was reading tonnes of birth stories. My husband probably thought I was a bit nuts but I found it helpful seeing that labour and birth goes so differently for every women and most of the time, doesn’t happen the way they hope. It helped me go in with an open mind and not be to set on anything. In the end, I’m happy with how everything went – though am hoping I don’t have to push for 2 1/2 hours again! Oh, and listening to my wonderful midwife – though I am from NZ and we have a different system here. We pick our MW’s right from the get-go and they’re with us all the way through until 6 weeks post-birth {and all free!}. So happy I have her again because she knows me so well and how I handle birth.

    1. I see a midwife too, Sarah! There are 4 at the practice, but I’ve at least gotten to know all of them since I’ve been there through 4 pregnancies now. Does your MW come to your home postpartum? That would be awesome! I know in some countries they do. I completely agree with reading tons of birth stories. It helped me too! That’s one of the things I loved about the Ina May book. It helped me realize just how different each birth could be, and that I could get through it, just like all those women I read about. Thank you for sharing! Congratulations!!

  2. Visiting from A Mama’s Story and I loved A Thinking Womans… great list here. I think I’m done giving birth, but I’m always interested in learning more about the whole process. Thinking about being a doula someday.

    1. That’s awesome, Lindsey! I keep telling my husband I think I want to go through doula training once the kids are grown. That seems so far off, but I’m sure it will be here before I know it!

  3. I highly recommend the Mongan hypnobirthing. I didn’t use it for our first three and did for our last and it was a world of difference. I just posted my birth story using that method!

    1. Krystyn, did you do the classes or just read the book? I read the book and listened to the CD before the birth of #3, and I really think it helped me achieve a natural birth. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. Great list! I personally loved the Bradley book and even took Bradley classes with 2 of my pregnancies (different fathers and about 11 years apart!). I hadn’t even *heard* of hypnobirthing until I only had 1 kid left in my future.

  5. I could have definitely used some of these when I was a new mom. In fact, I’d still be happy to read them if we’re blessed with another baby. Pinning from the Pin It party.

  6. Just wanted to let you know that your post is among this week’s featured!!! It’ll be shared among social media and has been pinned to pinterest. Help yourself to a featured button. 🙂 Thanks for linking up at A Mama’s Story.

  7. It’s funny a read LOADS with my first child, but for some reason didn’t with my second. Possibly because my first was hard to keep up with! A great idea. And thanks for taking part in the Parenting Pin it Party xx

  8. My husband read The Birth Partner when I was pregnant with our oldest. I also loved the Ina May Gaskins books…Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party! I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.

    1. Thank you so much! I borrowed The Birth Partner from a friend and found it SO helpful. Thanks for hosting the link-up!

  9. Great list Whitney! I honestly didn’t read any birthing books with Nick. I should look into some of these when we’re expecting our second (someday 🙂 ).

    1. I only read a few with my first. Mainly articles my friend sent me. But that birth didn’t exactly go the way I had planned, so I wanted to read more to prepare for the others. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Great list! I liked the Business of Being Born and anything by Ina May Gaskin is great.

    Thanks for linking up on Friday Favorites!

    1. I did watch that movie when it was on Netflix. LOVE Ina May Gaskin. Thank you for hosting the link-up!

  11. These are all great titles every mom to be should read instead of wasting money on those horrible what to expect when you are expecting books.

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  12. I loved reading birthing books with my first, but my my second I was so far behind in all aspects of my life, I just couldn’t find the time to sit down with a book.

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