Creating JOY

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Creating Joy

Sometimes with littles, life gets a little crazy and you don't do all that you wanted to or intended to do. This is the especially the case with crafts. I bought the J O Y, last year. Not at an after Christmas sale, before Christmas. My goal was to wrap each letter with yarn. That would be so cute, right? It would! But I was crazy to think that I could do it along with everything else I have going on. So they sat there with the Christmas decorations all year – just waiting to be decorated.

I decided that as much as I would LOVE to wrap them all with yarn, that was going to have to wait. But I wanted to decorate with them this year. THIS year. Not NEXT year. Again.

What's the next best thing to yarn for a crafter?

GLITTER of course!

Yet again though, I have littles.

Glitter + Littles = Crazy Mommy and a HUGE mess

As I was browsing the craft aisles, guess what I found?!

SPRAY glitter!! {similar to this}

It stinks like spray paint, but the mess is SO much less. It could have gotten ugly around here. I still have an ornament craft in the works that involves pink glitter. I'm nervous and excited about that one!!

What You Need:

Cardboard Letters


Sponge Paintbrush

Spray Glitter

Painting JOY

I was brave and got my oldest involved. She loves a good paint project. I just painted the letters white, but red would have been festive.

It took at least four coats of paint to cover them well. Although I am a bit of a perfectionist at times. Let them dry between coats.

JOY Tutorial

Take them outside to spray. Thankfully I found a piece of cardboard that was the perfect size. You're basically using glitter spray paint, so be warned if you end up spraying your lawn, or porch. And I'll say it again. Take it OUTSIDE!

Let it dry between coats. I sprayed the front, let it dry. Flipped, sprayed, let it dry, and did it again a couple of times. Since you are spraying cardboard, you want to let it dry completely so it doesn't get too wet.

Once it's completely dry, you just have to figure out where to put it!

Add it to your mantle. Add ribbon to the backside and hang it on the front door instead of a wreath, if you have a storm door…

Completed JOY

Where will you put your JOY?

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