12 Infused Water Recipes to Drink to Better Health

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Watermelon and rosemary. Lemon and blueberries. Try these infused water recipes and so many more to help you drink more water for better health.

Water is an essential key to a healthy body. We need it to rehydrate our bodies. Without water, we would not be able to survive. Water flushes our bodies and organs of toxic waste. It replenishes our systems so they work properly.

But water can sometimes be…well, kind of boring.

Even though I know how vital it is to drink the recommended amount of water each day, 8 8-ounce glasses, it is hard to guzzle that amount of water. I get sick and tired of drinking plain water, day in and day out. That was until I discovered infused water. Before, I rarely drank enough. Now, I can’t get enough. Since I have increased my water intake, my energy level is better, I have more stamina, and I am not tired all of the time. Well, I’m still a little tired, but I’m not reaching for 3+ cups of coffee anymore.

Drinking infused water is a lot easier than you think. With all of the different combinations, you will never get tired of drinking infused water.


Preparing an infused pitcher of water is simple. I’ll share some below with affiliate links. There are infusion pitchers you can buy, but using a regular pitcher works just as well. I have one like this one.

Pick out your fruit, vegetables, or herbs. Wash well with a fruit and vegetable wash or vinegar bath to get rid of dirt and bacteria.

Slice your ingredients into large pieces. Place your fruit, vegetable, and herb combination in the bottom of the pitcher.

Fill the pitcher with filtered water. I love using our Berkey.

For best results, let the water sit in the refrigerator overnight. It allows the fruits, vegetables, and herbs to release the vitamins, minerals, and flavor into the water. Although there are so many different varieties of infused water, the combinations listed below are my favorite ones. Try some of them out and I am sure you will agree.

12 Infused Water Recipes


Cucumber, mint, and ginger:

Great to drink before a workout. The ginger will heat you up just enough to cause a sweat detox.

Cherries, apples, and pineapple:

This combo is great for after your workout. The cherries help reduce muscle pain.

Strawberries and basil:

Packed full of vitamin C this infused water idea will keep your immune system a boost.

Lime and honeydew:

These ingredients will help repair injured tissue and replenish skin cells.

Watermelon and rosemary:

This combo will replace electrolytes quickly.

Lemon, lime, and oranges:

A great combination to enjoy in the morning. Very energizing.

Raspberries and lemons:

Crush the raspberries up a bit and you can easily mistake this water for juice.

Kiwi and mango:

This tropical twist will give you a great energy boost when the 2pm yawns hit.

Grapes and cantaloupe:

This combo is full of vitamin A and would help keep your skin clear of blemishes.

Blackberries and oranges:

Gets rid of morning fog brain in a heartbeat.

Lemon and blueberries:

I use this combination as a detox drink. It helps flush out your system when you are fighting the sniffles.

Pomegranate and mint:

Packed full of antioxidants this combination will give you a good dose of energy.

When it comes to infused water, the combination possibilities are endless. With summer right around the corner, take advantage of the farm fresh produce to lively up your water. And don’t forget the simplicity of just adding one fruit to your water. Some of our favorites are lemon, lime, oranges, and strawberries.


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If you want to try more recipes, the book (affiliate link) Infused: Recipes for Herb & Fruit Infused Water, Tea & More: 120 Recipes to Try at Home! by Carissa Bonham is a great place to look!

12 Infused Water Recipes to Drink to Better Health 2
12 Infused Water Recipes to Drink to Better Health 3

What is your favorite infused water recipe?

12 Infused Water Recipes to Drink to Better Health 4

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  1. This is a fantastic list of infused water recipes! 🙂 I definitely want to try the Strawberries and basil first, yummy!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I do try to get my daily water intake but I agree it is boring. I will have to try out some of these interesting combos you have listed especially the cucumber, mint and basil!

  3. Well, Thanks for this I really need these recipes strawberries is my favorite want to try that first. Thanks Again

  4. I went to a seventh day adventist church and they had oranges, lemons,limes,pineapple, and cherries altogether in their water jug. It was absolutely delicious

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