My Favorite Laundry System | 4 Easy Ways to Stop Drowning in Laundry

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Four tips to help you stop drowning in laundry. No more mountains of laundry piled higher than you. This laundry system will change the way you look at laundry.

Laundry is one of my least favorite chores.

I'm okay with actually putting the laundry in the washer and dryer, but putting it away, ugh. We may or may not have a pile of clean clothes on the chair in our bedroom.

Life is much easier when I follow my 5 Easy Steps to Streamline Your Day. Which includes the key to stopping drowning in laundry. You are going to love how easy this laundry system will make washing day!

4 Ways to Stop Drowning in Laundry | My Favorite Laundry System

The laundry system that will change your life and stop the cycle of washing the same load of laundry multiple times a day:

Do one load of laundry every day {Wash, Dry, Put Away}.

This really is crucial. When I get behind, the laundry pile just grows. And grows. And grows. Until it's really just overwhelming. At one point last week, I closed the laundry room door in hopes the problem would go away and/or the laundry fairies would just come and do it all.

Neither of those happened.

Sadly, that laundry system doesn't work.

I determined that this was the week to get back to my laundry system.

It has made a world of difference in my stress level and how our day goes.

I have included affiliate links to make shopping easier for you.

Laundry overflowing hamper - my favorite laundry system

1. Presort.

There are several different ways you can sort in this laundry system.

You can sort by family member, with each family member having their own colored laundry basket. You can also sort by colors. We sort by color right now. Could that change? Of course. But it works for us right now {when I use this system.}. We did have something more like these stackable bins. They were great until our family kept growing. And growing. Ha! More family members = more clothes. Lots of clothes.

We outgrew our bins. A 3-bin laundry sorter might work too. It's great because it's easy for even the smallest members of our family to put their clothes in the bin. Okay, maybe not the baby, but she will hand me clothes out of the washer and dryer. Ha! That counts for something, right?

2. Do at least one load of laundry a day.

This is an important part of this laundry system.

I've tried a designated laundry day, and it just doesn't work for me. Actually, it stresses me out. Either something comes up and we can't be home or the kids tear the upstairs apart. Then it becomes Laundry Day and Clean Up the Bedrooms.

I've even tried to make it fun for them and offer snacks and a movie, but no. They take the snacks and dump them on the floor in their bedrooms. Then the pup gets involved. Crying ensues.

It's just a mess.

At least one load of laundry a day. Wash, dry, and put away.

3. Use a Garment Rack.

I thought this was silly, but it works. Plus we can use it when guests visit so they can hang up their clothes, and it's great for hanging clothes to tag for consignment sales.

For everyday use, ours is in our room ready with empty hangers. I put the clean clothes fresh from the dryer on our bed, grab hangers off the garment rack, and start hanging up clothes and placing clothes back on the rack.

This also keeps little hands from pulling clean clothes on hangers off the bed and onto the floor.

4. Don't wait.

When I put off hanging up the clothes or putting them away, I don't always get back to it that day or night. Maybe you do. Then this doesn't apply :).

It is always much better if I put the clothes away right after I finish folding and hanging them up. And, at least for me, there is something satisfying about seeing everything put away.

Bonus. Dryer Balls.

Instead of chemical-laden fabric softeners and dryer sheets to reduce static cling, we use Woolzies Dryer Balls. They are made of 100% pure New Zealand wool and reduce the drying time. I didn't believe it, but I noticed that the washer and dryer started finishing at about the same time. Whereas before I'd have to wait quite a while for the clothes to finish in the dryer.

To make our clothes smell better after the load is dry, I switch the dryer to air dry and add a couple of drops of Young Living (affiliate link) Lavender or Thieves to two dryer balls and throw them back in for the fluff. Try it! To reduce static cling even more, you can make an aluminum foil ball the same size as the dryer balls and throw it in. I'm going to have to try that the next time I dry my husband's work khakis.

What tips and tricks to tackling the laundry monster would you like to share? I'd love to hear them!

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  1. I love all of these tips, I struggle getting just my laundry & my fiance’s done (because he’s a farmer so lots of clothes are worn throughout the day!) I need to get in the habit of doing at least one load per day, all the way from start to finish-I think it would really help!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. One load a day. I like that. I’m going to try it out, because laundry does tend to get overwhelming.

  3. Great tips! We don’t sort anymore because most of our clothes are pretty old right now. My husband has to have his work clothes dry cleaned so if I have a nice church dress that needs to be cleaned I put that in his dry cleaning pile.

    I do laundry almost every day. It makes putting away so much easier. I’d much rather put away a few clothes every day than a bunch once a week.

    Since I cloth diaper, I feel like I’m always doing laundry. Staying on top of it is key! If I get a day behind I never catch up.

  4. Great advice!! I have six children so my laundry is always in beast mode!! Stopping by from Southern Girl Blogging Community!

  5. Ah, these are great tips! I also have a problem with actually putting the clothes away. At least they’re clean, right?! I might have to try out the garment rack idea. (Stopping by from #typeaparent )

  6. Great tips! I just realized how lucky I am as I only do laundry twice a week. I never thought this would be so overwhelming, but I guess it will be once I have more than one kid 🙂 Great advice 🙂

  7. Make sure they put their clothes away! Otherwise they go on the floor with the dirty clothes (which are supposed to go in the hamper but don’t always make it there), and we end up rewashing clean clothes!

    1. Definitely. That happens all the time at our house unfortunately. Either the clothes don’t get put away or she changes clothes three times in one day those clothes end up on the floor.

  8. Another thing that helps a lot is having a large capacity washer & dryer. My previous washer did not have much capacity, money was tight when we bought it and I didn’t think it would be a problem, but it was. It is even likely that it didn’t last as long because I would tend to overfill it. We bought a new washer a few months ago with a huge capacity. It has made such a difference. Sadly, we didn’t replace the dryer at the same time. So I end up loading the dryer twice for every one load that goes through the washer. Saving up now for the matching dryer so the whole load will fit in it.

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