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My Morning Routine: 8 Things To Do Before 8 AM For A Productive Day

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How to make the perfect morning routine that works! Check out these 8 tips for creating productive habits every morning. Here are 8 things to do before 8 am for a more productive day!

My Morning Routine

Do you struggle with being productive and getting everything on your to do list done during the day?

I did too!

As a mom of four, I felt like I was running from one thing to another putting out all the fires but not accomplishing much. I was frustrated and just plain tired!

morning routine ideas

That’s when I started doing these 8 things before 8 am and they changed my life. The great thing about many of them is that they can be done with children underfoot or when they are occupied doing something else.

Of course, these 8 things to do before 8 am are flexible. The key is more about consistency and planning rather than a time schedule.

Why Do I Need a Morning Routine?

As an Enneagram 9, I don’t like boxes. Routine is not something I tend to gravitate to and yet, I will be the first to admit that morning routine makes your life easier.

Having a morning routine that works reduces stress. Who doesn’t need that?! Having a routine means you don’t have to think about what to do before your feet have hit the floor and you have had your first cup of coffee.

Routines put our brains on autopilot. One less thing to have to think about.

Need help creating a routine? Here are 7 Questions to Ask Yourself to Create a Routine that Works.

8 Things To Do Before 8 AM

1. Plan Your Day The Night Before

Before you go to bed, write everything down. Do a brain dump.

Write down everything you need to accomplish the next day and pick three things from that list.

When you wake up in the morning, you know the three most important things that need to get done.

Don’t just write them down. Actually do them.

Also, run the dishwasher. You’ll thank yourself in the morning!

2. Drink Water

While you might be tempted, like me every morning, to start with coffee, it’s best to have water before coffee.

You can heat up hot water, add some lemon juice, and drink that before coffee. Yum.

Why lemon juice?

Drinking lemon juice with warm water every morning helps in maintaining the pH balance of the body. Lemon juice is also very effective at cleansing the liver as it promotes the liver to flush out toxin.

Perfect for first thing in the morning.

Infused water is the perfect way to drink more water if you don’t like it plain.

3. Empty The Dishwasher

This is of course contingent on you remembering to start the dishwasher the night before.

While simple, I promise that it’s a very important step.

When the dishwasher is empty first thing in the morning, you can put in the dirty dishes throughout the day, keeping the sink empty of dirty dishes.

One less thing to add to the stress of the day.

4. Start a Load of Laundry

Laundry never ends.

It’s a given. There is no changing that fact. But there are ways to stay on top of laundry, which is why it’s part of the 8 things to do before 8 am.

As a family of six, I’ve realized that I need to do at least one load of laundry a day.

morning routine 8 things to do before 8 am

We’ve tried waiting and doing it all on the same day, and that doesn’t always work. We’ve even taken the laundry to a laundro-mat so more loads can be done at the same time. It only kind of worked.

Instead, start a load of laundry in the morning. Before you add the next load, dry, and put away the first load.

This assures you don’t leave a load in the washer and forget it.

While I have run an empty washer, since I started this routine, I haven’t accidentally left clothes in the washer for days without realizing the mistake.

That’s a win on so many different levels!

5. Know What You Are Having For Dinner

The best way to meal plan is to write down meal ideas for the month. Then you can move them around depending on how the month plays out.

My favorite meal planning resource is Amiyrah Martin from 4 Hats and Frugal. Here are her tips for meal planning for the month in three easy steps.

Don’t miss these hacks for saving money on your grocery bill and these meal planning tips for beginners.

If you can’t bring yourself to plan for the month, try for the week and see how that goes!

6. Stretch and Move

This will look different for everyone. You might even have children under foot at this point. Let them join in!

Stretching your body is an important part of the 8 things to do before 8 am as it can help wake up your body. Consider trying yoga if you are looking for a structured way of stretching.

Try a workout routine either on Youtube, a Beachbody subscription, or go outside for a walk or run.

This part of your morning routine will change as your season of life changes.

7. Meditate

Spend time reading and writing out Scripture.

Enjoy your coffee or tea.

Sit quietly and breathe before the crazy part of the day begins.

Are the kids already awake? That’s okay. You can give them a quiet activity to do while you prepare yourself for the day ahead.

While they might resist at first, eventually, it will become routine to them as well.

You might need to change the order of these 8 things to do before 8 am, and that’s okay.

Make it work for you.

8. Don’t Look at Your Phone or Check Emails

You already have your list of what you need to accomplish for the day. Checking social media and email will only be a distraction.

Set an alarm on your phone to check your email later in the morning.

Bonus: Get Dressed For the Day

Have you noticed a correlation between your productivity and what you are wearing?

morning routine ideas get dressed

I have!

On days I stay in pajamas, I’m not quite as productive as days that I get dressed and am ready to tackle the day.

Try it and tell me how it works for you!

Struggle With Getting Up Early?

If you struggle with getting up early, there is hope!

Try waking up 15 minutes earlier every week until you reach your ideal time. I promise it works!

Your Morning Routine

Do you already do these 8 things to do before 8 am?

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but I do hope you find it helpful in having a more productive day!

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