5 Quick Tips on Back to School Shopping and How to Save Money

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It is that time of year! Are you ready for back to school shopping? Here are tips and tricks to save money on back to school shopping and school supplies.

5 Quick Tips on Back to School Shopping and How to Save Money 1
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The kids are heading back to school, and you start thinking about the cost of new clothes, shoes, supplies, etc. You have been saving up all summer for this special time, but now you are wondering how much money will be left in your bank account? While you may be feeling the pinch from back-to-school shopping; I have got some ideas on how to save money! 

Save Money on Back to School Shopping

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1. Start Early and Shop Strategically

When it is time to shop, make sure you have already planned everything. You must take advantage of all retailers' sales and deals before they expire at the end of August. Always look for deals in a store like a buy 1 get one offer. 

If you have older children ready for more grown-up styles or sizes, consider buying them from their favorite brands online at full price instead of finding deals off-season when stores carry. Do not buy back-to-school clothes at the last minute. Doing this may cause you to get caught in a long line, which could cost you hours of your time.

It is best to do your shopping early and get it out of the way so you can enjoy some good summer fun before it ends.

2. Look at the Quality

Think about what clothing (affiliate link) items will last a long time so you can invest in fewer pieces this season. Shop for quality clothing (affiliate link), which your child can wear again and again without having to worry about replacing it. Get your kids involved with the shopping process – let them choose what they want so it's more likely that they'll wear it.

3. Don't Forget Shopping Secondhand

Shopping at thrift stores will also save you a lot of money. If you don’t have a good variety of local thrift stores, there are now re-sale and thrift shops online that you can browse at your leisure and find great deals.

4. Use Coupons

Don’t forget to use coupons. Retailers and companies often have coupons that you can use to buy things on the list. They offer discounts during the back-to-school season to attract customers. Sometimes they will give you a discount if you use more than one coupon for the same thing.

5. Scour Deal Sites and Facebook Groups

Look online at “deals sites” and Facebook groups that specialize in deals to maximize your savings. Scour the deals and online fliers at stores you know specialize in Back To School offers, like Staples or Office Depot. This way, you can get better deals and have more time to decide what you want before committing.

Save Money on School Supplies

School supplies are important, but you do not have to break the bank and spend hundreds of dollars on things your child may not use or need. You cannot compromise on some things such as quality and safety items, but there are some great opportunities out there for saving money with a little research! 

save money on school supplies

You want your children to have everything they need, and you do not want them coming home with a list of all the things they forgot. Check out the school supply list now so you don't get caught standing in empty aisles later.

We loved using School Tool Box when it came time to buy school supplies. They took the guesswork out of supplies and I didn't have to visit the store!

While you're school supply shopping, don't forget the teachers! Here are some extra school supplies you can pick up for your teacher while you're shopping.

After reading this post, hopefully, you feel more confident about your back-to-school shopping. Enjoy the rest of your summer break and have a happy new school year!

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