La La Logic Preschool Curriculum Review

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La La Logic. 100 weeks of Preschool Curriculum at your fingertips.

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I was recently given the opportunity to review La La Logic with my preschoolers and kindergartener. La La Logic is a preschool curriculum that uses logic games to train the brain and teach critical thinking skills and problem-solving. It’s a one time purchase, lifetime membership to their 100-week homeschool preschool curriculum for ages 3-6 that you can complete at your own pace.

La La Logic Review

Before logging in, I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. My children were waiting patiently for me to finish setting up their accounts. We started out using the laptop for the preschool logic games, but for the two and four-year-olds we switched to the iPad. It was easier and less frustrating for them to drag the puzzle pieces and shapes on the iPad. After one finished the online program, they would then start the printable worksheet, and the next child would start their online lessons. Sometimes they would pause and help each other out. It was really sweet. Those moments are ones that I try to remember on the hard days.

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I wasn’t sure how the four and three-year-old would react to the program. I was pleasantly surprised at how much they all enjoyed La La Logic. They got super excited when they finished the sessions. I liked that I was able to write notes after each lesson. The only thing that I will note is that it is super easy for a child to click the skip button. I noticed this happening while I was trying to help another child with the printables or tending to the baby. The lessons were being completed at record speed. Ha! Just make note of that. The puzzles were a point of frustration on the laptop because you have to click and drag the pieces. They would be much easier with a mouse or on the iPad.

La La Logic Review

The preschool curriculum is based on IQ tests and the activities get harder as the student progresses. It was a great challenge for each of my children. The lessons were laid out and easy to follow, which is exactly what this busy mama needs in a homeschool curriculum. Because we are still learning how to read, it’s hard for me to give my kindergartener school work to do and walk away to tend to the other littles. La La Logic makes that possible.

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My littles loved having school with their big sister. The lessons were just long enough to keep their attention. We will definitely be utilizing La La Logic for years to come. With 100 preschool lessons, we can go through it now and review it later.

I highly recommend La La Logic for anyone looking for a preschool curriculum that incorporates online lessons and hands-on activities. Our whole family has enjoyed this program. You can try it too! If for some reason you try it and find it’s not a good fit for your family, there is a 30-day money back guarantee. That’s the mark of a great company. They stand behind their product, and rightly so. It’s a great one.

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