Yes Day! 40 Ideas and Ground Rules for the Perfect Yes Day

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Have you ever had a Yes Day? Here are some fun Yes Day Suggestions as well as a free printable to help your kids have the best Yes Day EVER!

How to have a successful Yes day

While it was made popular by a recent movie starring Jennifer Garner, I first heard about having a Yes Day from a friend while I was in the trenches of baby, toddler, preschool, elementary school mom life. It sounded so fun, but with a tight budget and so many littles, it felt overwhelming.

Yes Day doesn't have to be a big extravagent day full of expensive outings. Most of the time, all our kids want is our attention and our presence.

What is Yes Day?

Yes Day is a day where parents, or caregivers, have to say “Yes” to everything the kids ask for. Within reason, of course.


While there are essentially no rules on “Yes Day,” it is important to remember:

  • you will not say yes to anything dangerous or illegal
  • there is a budget
  • you will only say yes to activities and things regarding the present time, not to things happening in the future
  • you will not say yes to screen time

Feel free to add you own rules if necessary.

How to Say No

There will be times that you will have to say “No” to protect your kids or your sanity. During those moments, remember these No alternatives:

  • Yes, later.
  • Let me think about it.
  • Let's talk about it later.
  • Instead of that, what if we __?
  • That sounds like fun, but it's too much for our budget.
  • That's a good idea, do you have another suggestion?
  • That sounds like a fun idea for another day.
Yes Day Ideas

Yes Day Ideas for Kids

1. Skip your chores

2. Stay in your pj's all-day

3. Have ice cream for breakfast

4. Have chips

5. Stay up past your bedtime

6. Sleep out in the treehouse

7. Ride our bikes to the park

8. Have breakfast in bed

9. Visit the waterpark

10. Have a family dance party

11. Bake a double batch of brownies

12. Have a picnic on the living room floor

13. Visit a fun restaurant

14. Dinner, with dessert first

15. Have a family water fight

16. Play in the mud

17. Play board games

18. Family campout in the living room

19. Build an epic fort (inside or outside)

20. Do messy science experiments

21. Karaoke

22. Have a fun photoshoot

23. Make an obstacle course

24. Have a thrift store scavenger hunt

25. Bake cookies

26. Have an outdoor backyard movie night

27. Dress up with crazy props

28. Play minute to win it

29. Have a pillow fight

30. Go to the trampoline park

31. Visit the arcade

32. Go to a museum

33. Make playdough

34. Go bowling

35. Play paintball

36. Play laser tag

37. Have a silly string fight

38. Have a nerf war

39. Family soccer

40. Go on a road trip

The Most Important Rule

I said it once but I'll say it again.

The most important rule for Yes Day is to have fun. Spend time together. Be present. Reconnect as a family.

And say YES!

How to Have a Yes Day Printable

Grab Your Yes Day Ideas Free Printable

Grab this list of suggestions and add to them for the best Yes Day EVER!!

Yes Day Ideas for Family Resources

Before having your own Yes Day, you can prepare little ones by reading books and watching the movie Yes Day! so they understand what to do and aren't caught unprepared. This is especially great for those who thrive on routine and don't do well when thrown into new situations without preparation.

You are going to have so much fun! Feel free to share your adventures on Instagram. Use the hashtag #simplifyingfamilyyesday and have the best, most magical time together as a family!

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