20 Board Games for Date Night You Will Love

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Staying at home can be extra fun with these best board games for date night. Dust off the games and have fun again!

In an age dominated by digital screens and constant connectivity, finding meaningful ways to connect with your partner can sometimes feel like a challenge.

Enter board games—a timeless and often overlooked option for a perfect date night activity. While dinner and a movie have their charm, board games offer a unique opportunity for couples to bond, communicate, and have fun together in a way that is both engaging and rewarding.

2 player board games for date night

In 14-years of marriage I've learned that making date nights happen is hard, but making date nights a priority is even harder. Mainly because of one thing.

Do you know what that one thing is?


Life happens.

Even when finances are strained and we can't go out, we still have to make dating our spouse a priority.

There will be seasons when we can go out and explore our town and spend hours together as a couple reconnecting. But until then, we can be intentional about the hours that we do have together.

Hours that can be spent together after the kids go to bed.

Couple playing board games for date night 2 player board games for date night

Board games provide a chance for couples to interact face-to-face without the distraction of phones or other devices. With their hands-on nature, board games encourage conversation, laughter, and friendly competition, creating an atmosphere of shared enjoyment and camaraderie.

Whether it's strategizing together, teasing each other playfully, or celebrating victories, playing a board game allows couples to connect on a deeper level as they engage in a shared experience.

Date night games reconnect you and your spouse.

Board games also offer a wide variety of options to suit every couple's interests and preferences. From classic games like Scrabble and Monopoly to modern favorites like Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride, there is a board game out there for everyone.

Whether you prefer cooperative games that encourage teamwork, or competitive games that test your skills and wit, the sheer diversity of board games ensures that there is always something new to discover and enjoy together.

As you navigate the twists and turns of a game together, you may uncover hidden talents, develop new strategies, or simply enjoy the thrill of friendly competition. Through the ups and downs of gameplay, couples can learn to communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts constructively, and strengthen their bond as they work towards a common goal.

You can laugh and have fun again, enjoying the little things that you did together years ago. You can talk with one another and grow your relationship.

Date nights are that important.

Board game date nights are fun!

Monopoly game pieces laid out on a table best board games for date night

When you haven't spent much time together alone in a while, those moments can be awkward. Break the ice with a couple of board games to reconnect.

You might find that this is your favorite way to spend nights after the kids are asleep.

I've linked to the board games for date night with affiliate links to make it easier for you to find them. If you purchase through the links, I will receive a small commission.

Best Board Games for Date Night

1. Jenga

Want a game experience that combines friends, skill, suspense, laughter, and maybe a little luck? Get the Classic Jenga game!

Carefully pull a wood block out of the tower and place it on top. It's easy at first, but as more blocks get pulled, the tower starts to get unsteady.

2. UNO

In this fun race to get rid of all your cards, players take turns matching one of their own cards with the card that appears face-up on the discard pile by either color or number.

With 32 special action cards—Skips, Reverses, Draw Twos, Wild, and Draw Four Wild—the outcome of the game can shift at any moment! A color-changing Wild card can be played at any time to change the current suit color.

3. Scrabble

Scrabble is the ultimate crossword game in which every letter counts. Grab your friends and take turns forming words on the board.

After playing your turn, count the value of all the letters in every new word that you formed.

4. Battleship

Battleship is the classic naval combat game that brings together competition, strategy, and excitement.

In head-to-head battle, you search for the enemy’s fleet of ships and destroy them one by one. No ship is safe in this game of stealth and suspense.

Try to protect your own fleet while you annihilate your opponent’s. It’s a battle that you must win!

5. Connect4

Challenge a friend to rule the grid in Connect 4 Classic Grid, the game where strategy drives the competition! Line ‘em up and go for the win!

Choose the gold discs or the red discs and drop them into the grid. When you get 4 discs in a row, you win. It’s simple, fast, and fun. Master the grid.

6. Checkers

The goal of Checkers is to remove all your opponent's pieces from the board. It's an easy, fun way to spend time together.

7. Chess

A two-player strategy board game that is a one of the perfect board games for date night.

8. Backgammon

The object of the game is to move your pieces along the board's triangles and off the board before your opponent does.

9. Blokus

The 30-minute playing time is perfect for short attention spans and can also be repeated for an entire evening of fun.

Blokus is a fast-paced strategy game that delivers “One Rule, Endless Possibilities!”

10. Yahtzee

Roll it to the limit for the ultimate win with the Yahtzee Classic game. With a sleek shaker and 5 dice, you're ready to roll!

Take turns rolling dice to try to score combos. You get a total of 13 turns and may roll up to three times on a turn. At the end of each turn, you must fill in one empty box in your column on the scorecard.

The player with the highest grand total at the end of all 13 rounds wins. It's up to the player whether they hustle for a full house or risk it all for a Yahtzee roll. Show it off, and let the dice fall where they may.

11. Mancala

The objective is to capture all or some set of your opponent's stones. There are lots of variations you can play.

12. Boggle

Earn points by spotting words your friends don’t before time runs out. Shake the grid to mix up the letter cubes. Then lift the lid and flip the timer.

Players have 90 seconds to write down as many words as they can find on the grid before time is up. At the end of the round, score the words.

If two or more players find the same word, that word doesn’t count. The player with the highest score wins.

13. Cribbage

Cribbage is a quick and challenging game of strategy, tactics, and counting that makes a great brain tease for growing minds.

The fun of Cribbage only improves over time and practice definitely makes perfect.

14. Clue

Each game provides a fascinating new mystery of foul play to test your ability as a sleuth.

15. Risk

Take over the world in this exciting game of military strategy, now with a refreshed look that includes updated figures, compelling board art, and improved Mission cards.

In the Risk game players set out to conquer their enemies' territories by building an army, moving in troops, and engaging in battle.


Life is full of adventures: this edition of the game of life game includes 115 cards offering exciting choices As players move through the twists and turns of life.

17. Monopoly

It's a fast-dealing property trading game where players buy, sell, dream, and scheme their way to riches.

18. BeanBoozled

Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Jelly Beans are the crazy, fun-to-eat treat that has everyone talking!

These one-of-a-kind jelly beans come in 20 flavors—10 tasty flavors and 10 look-alike weird and wild flavors.

The convenient Mystery Dispenser easily dispenses one bean at a time. Just lift the lid, lower the lid and a bean magically appears! Is the blue jelly bean delicious Berry Blue, or is it Toothpaste?!

Each dispenser contains a key to what taste you might experience, but you never know when you’ll be “BeanBoozled” by a weird and wild flavor.

19. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a cross-country train adventure in which players collect and play matching train cards to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America!

20. Trivial Pursuit

With cards for kids and adults, the whole family can get a kick out of this fun-filled Family Edition of Trivial Pursuit! Family members of all ages can test their smarts with question after question in 6 categories.

Whether you're planning a cozy night in or a relaxed weekend afternoon, board games provide endless opportunities for quality time together without breaking the bank.

What are your favorite two-player board games for date night?

Two Player Board Game Ideas for Date Night

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  1. The only game I can get my husband to play is Ticket to Ride! (Ok so he would play Monopoly, but I have bad memories of playing it growing up so we haven’t done that one yet) Maybe he’ll expand his horizons one day, but since we don’t get much opportunity to play so far we stick with what we know we both like 😉

  2. Great post! Ticket to Ride is a favorite for us. We also love Tsuro, Lost Cities, Zombie Dice, and Fluxx (though the latter two are dice and card games, not board games).

    1. Ha! Really?! When I looked at the player minimum it said 2 players. lol. Sorry about that!

  3. Great games.

    Also Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert are great games as the players are playing against the game and can be played with only 2 people. My husband and I love these 2 games.

  4. I live in a nursing home and there is only 2 of us who like to play games so we’re always looking for new games to play. Thank you so much for all your ideas.

  5. My husband did not grow up playing board games so it’s hard work getting him keen. I have many happy memories of playing card games as a teen so my first step is gin rummy – then maybe we will try these!

  6. I loooooooove having game nights! And I’m always looking for new games that we can play with just the two of us! I wrote down a few of your suggestions to try ASAP!
    My favorites weren’t on here so I thought I’d pitch in: Pandemic and Dutch Blitz! Pandemic is fun because you can work as a team to beat the game and it’s different every time! Dutch Blitz is kinda like Nertz, its a fast paced game that’s just as fun regardless of how many players you’ve got.

  7. We LOVE games!! More fun two-player games:
    Azul (says min. 4 players but easily played with 2
    Forbidden Island
    Le Havre
    New York 1901
    Scattergories Categories
    Trekking the National Parks

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