5 Simple Self Care Ideas for Moms to Reduce Stress

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Let's commit to trying at least 3 of these self care ideas for moms who have no time for themselves.

5 Simple Self Care Ideas for Moms to Reduce Stress 1

One of my biggest regrets, when my kids were babies, is that I didn't take time for myself.

I felt guilty for even thinking about leaving them with a babysitter.

Thinking that I needed to “do it all,” I wore my body down to the point of exhaustion.

When Did Motherhood Turn Into Martyrdom?

When my youngest son was around five months old, I was admitted to the hospital leaving my husband alone with a 5-month-old, almost 2-year-old, and 4-year-old.

Even when I was in the hospital with a raging fever and headache, I was asking the nurses if they could bring me a breast pump or if we could somehow bring my baby into my room.

At my follow up appointment the doctor asked me what I did for myself to take care of me. Tears started flowing.

I was a mom. Don't moms do everything for everyone else first and then take care of themselves?

5 Simple Self Care Ideas for Moms to Reduce Stress 2

My husband worked crazy hours. Our family lived 6-8 hours away. We had friends, but they all had busy lives too.

Who was I supposed to call for help?

I left the office that day feeling defeated and alone.

I was supposed to go back, but couldn't get an appointment when my husband could stay home with the kids, so I never went back.

5 Simple Self Care Ideas for Moms to Reduce Stress 3

Now that my kids are older, I understand how incredibly crazy that was.

I saw self care as something frivolous moms did when their kids were older and in school, or after they went off to college.

Self care was laziness. There was no rest for the weary. Ever.

Friends, self care is important. But I understand that it may feel impossible.

That's why I want to share with you 5 simple self care ideas for moms who have no time for themselves.

Read through the list and tell me which ones you're going to try this week and what you would add!

5 Simple Self Care Ideas for Moms

1. Drink a cup of hot tea with honey before bed.

Treat yourself to a pretty mug and your favorite tea.

Take time to enjoy the quiet after the kids go to bed, we all know it might not last long.

Tea Before Bed

Breath in. Exhale. Just sit and enjoy your tea.

It will be a great way to decompress before bed.

2. Read the book.

You know that book everyone is talking about.

The one you want to read but you keep telling yourself it would sit on a shelf.

Borrow it from the library and read for 15-20 minutes a day.

5 Simple Self Care Ideas for Moms to Reduce Stress 4

Better yet, create a reading time in your day. Maybe the baby is napping and your toddler is awake.

They can grab a pile of books and “read” with you, or on their bed for a quiet time, while you sit and read.

3. Listen to music.

Music is powerful. It can change your mood in an instant.

Create a playlist of your favorite upbeat songs that make you smile.

self care ideas for moms

The ones that you know will bring sunshine to a messy day.

4. Stay hydrated.

I was horrible at drinking enough water and taking time to eat when mine were littles.

All I can do is shake my head at my myself.

Why?! Eat. Stay hydrated.

These will do wonders for your patience and energy levels.

5. Take a shower and put on clean clothes.

I know. Don't roll your eyes. I promise that it's not impossible to take a shower as a mom and wear clean clothes.

If you must, wait until after you drop the kids off at school.

5 Simple Self Care Ideas for Moms to Reduce Stress 5

Make yourself a priority with your favorite shower gel, bath bomb, or bath soap when you needed a pick me up.

You know the one. The one with the smell that immediately makes you exhale that breath you didn't even know you were holding.

It's a must-have essential for busy moms.

And who isn't a busy mom?

Take time for you, Mamas.

You deserve it.

Neutrogena Rainbath Shower

Postpartum Anxiety Resources

Sometimes when we fail to take care of ourselves and put everyone else first, it's not because we don't want to. We can think of all kinds of self care ideas for moms. It's because we physically can't.

After women give birth, there is so much talk about postpartum depression, but we drop the ball on postpartum anxiety.

When women don't know what anxiety is or what it feels like, it can be hard to describe to a doctor or healthcare provider.

Postpartum Anxiety Symptoms

These are the most common symptoms of postpartum anxiety:

  • constant or near-constant worry
  • feelings of dread about things you fear will happen
  • sleep disruption beyond newborn baby life
  • racing thoughts

But it goes beyond that.

Physical symptoms of Postpartum Anxiety include:

  • fatigue
  • heart palpitations
  • hyperventilation
  • sweating
  • nausea or vomiting
  • shakiness or trembling

Fatigue, worry, racing thoughts, sleep disruption. It kind of sounds like normal life with a newborn, right?

5 Simple Self Care Ideas for Moms to Reduce Stress 6

But it's not. Please, friend, if you have any of those symptoms, EVEN IF YOUR CARE PROVIDER SAID IT WAS NORMAL, please talk to someone. Talk to them again or ask to see someone else.

You are not alone.

While you wait for your appointment, it has been found that certain activities like exercise, mindfulness exercises, and relaxation techniques all help you feel more in control.

But these are not a replacement for talking with your doctor.

Yes, baby blues are common, but those don't last more than a couple of weeks.

Hang in there, mama.

Use these self care ideas for moms, and talk with someone you trust.

You are not alone.

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