5 Things You Can Do At Home Now For A Better Dental Visit

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Your at-home oral health plan should be as unique as your smile. Thank you to the American Dental Association for sponsoring this conversation about the importance of better at-home health habits.

While I vaguely remember having a few cavities as a child, I proudly wore the “no cavity” badge into adulthood for years.

Until we moved to North Carolina and I was introduced to sweet tea. Sweet tea was my downfall.

I remember sitting in the dentist chair and getting “the look” from the dentist. He asked about my eating habits and what I did at home for my teeth. Everything was going great until I mentioned sweet tea. He said I wasn't the first one who was cavity free until that sugary concoction was introduced.

We came up with an At Home Plan for dental health and would help carry me through until my next dental visit.

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I went home and followed everything he said. I loved that he took the time to come up with a personalized plan just for me.

But when I had kids and my dental plan went out the window. Then we moved.

My teeth started begging me to visit the Dentist. I felt like a hypocrite because I was telling my kids to brush their teeth and floss but I wasn't doing the same.

I knew I needed to get back on track because better at-home habits make for better dental visits.

5 Things You Can Do At Home Now For A Better Dental Visit 1

5 Things You Can Do At Home For A Better Dental Visit

Finding a Dentist in-network was easy. The actual visit was like a mini-vacation. The new dentist and I came up with an individual plan that included a bite guard to wear at night because someone apparently grinds their teeth at night. Yeah, that would be me. While my plan is individualized, there are five things that can be applied to everyone.

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1. Clean between your teeth daily. Flossing helps get yuckiness out from in between your teeth that sometimes you can't even see. It helps prevent cavities and gum disease by removing plaque that can build up. If plaque isn't removed, it hardens and turns into tartar. Only your dentist can remove tartar, so the more you can do to remove plaque, the better.

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2. In addition to brushing your teeth twice daily, carry a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss in your bag just in case you find yourself in a sticky situation. Check the packaging for American Dental Association seal of acceptance to make sure you are buying products backed by science. Some of my favorites are Tom’s of Maine Natural Wicked Cool! Fluoride Toothpaste, LISTERINE Cool Mint.

5 Things You Can Do At Home Now For A Better Dental Visit 2

3. While cookies are inevitable, drink water to help wash away the sugar bugs. Okay, maybe they aren't really sugar bugs, but I read a book to my youngest about Sugar Bug Doug who builds whole cities in the plaque in your teeth if you don't brush him away. Yep. Sugar Bug Doug stuck with me and now I think about him all the time.

5 Things You Can Do At Home Now For A Better Dental Visit 3

4. Reach for snacks like carrots and apples instead of sugary treats. Drinking plenty of water helps too.

5. Make an appointment to see your Dentist. Why is this so hard for us?! I make appointments for my kids without a second thought. When it's time for me to make an appointment for myself, it turns into this huge deal that gets put off until it can't be put off any longer. Make the appointment. Consider it self-care.

5 Things You Can Do At Home Now For A Better Dental Visit 4

While some of these things you can do at home seem super easy, they can make a world of difference at your next dental visit! Work with your dentist to create your personalized home oral care routine.

5 Things You Can Do At Home Now For A Better Dental Visit 5

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Dental Association.

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