10 Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids To Do at Any Age

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Looking for activities to do with kids? These scavenger hunt ideas for kids are perfect for kids to do at any age. Whether they are 4 or 13, even the adults will have fun. There's something for everyone.

The next time you hear, “I'm bored,” you'll be ready.

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Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

1. A Miniature Scavenger Hunt

This one is so much fun and the rules are super easy.

miniature scavenger hunt

Everyone gets a matchbox if you have those around still, or something similar in size. Each person has to fill it with as many tiny things as they can in a certain amount of time. Make sure to give a one-minute warning. The only rule is that there are to be NO duplicate items in the same box.

2. Color Scavenger Hunt

I am so excited about this one!

Each person needs a container they can use to put their found items in. The goal is to gather as many items of the same color as they can. If the chosen color is purple, then all the items need to be purple. If the chosen color is red, then all the found things need to be red.

It's SO much fun!! The hardest part is putting everything back where it goes.

3. The Texture Scavenger Hunt

This one is a bit harder, perfect for older kids and teenagers.

texture scavenger hunt

The premise is similar to a Color Scavenger Hunt, but it's all about texture. The goal is to gather as many items they can find of the chosen texture. Things like scaly like a lizard, or smooth like a glass cup.

Challenging but oh so fun!

4. A Clue Based Scavenger Hunt

For a clue based scavenger hunt, all you need to do is come up with scavenger hunt clues to help your kids find the items on their list.

This one is perfect for individuals or a team!

How fun are these scavenger hunt ideas?!

5. A Backyard Scavenger Hunt

The backyard scavenger hunt can be played two ways – you can print off a nature scavenger hunt sheet and have them cross off the things they see or have them collect as many nature-related things as they can.

10 Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids To Do at Any Age 1

Just make sure they know not to put LIVE things in the container!

6. Glow in the Dark Scavenger Hunt

This one is extra fun!

It combines the excitement of a treasure hunt with the extra fun of glow in the dark paint. Paint toys with glow in the dark paint or use glow sticks for items that can't be painted.

For added fun, use glow in the dark makeup or shirts.

7. Magazine Scavenger Hunt

This one is as easy as it sounds.

Everyone gets a magazine and has to hunt for a list of specific items – a man with a beard, perfume bottle, a flower, puppy, etc.. Have a timer ready! The first one to find the most things when the timer goes off is the winner!

8. An ABC Scavenger Hunt

First, pick a theme. Next, set a time limit. Then give each team a list lettered A to Z.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

The challenge: Find one item beginning with each letter.

9. An Educational Scavenger Hunt

The educational scavenger hunt is perfect for younger kids!

Choose a theme: letters, numbers, words, shapes, etc.

Then have them gather as many items of the same theme as they can.

10. A Car Ride Scavenger Hunt

When the kids are going stir crazy and you just need to get out of the house.

car ride scavenger hunt

Need more scavenger hunt ideas? You can do a car ride scavenger hunt several different ways:

1. How many states can you find before you get back home?

2. ABC’s. Look for letters on signs, buildings, cars, etc. in alphabetical order while driving. They MUST be found in order. That’s what helps make it challenging.

3. How many colors can you find before you get back home?

Don't travel by car? Here's a great scavenger hunt for kids when you ride the train!

Get creative!

You can use just about any theme you want for any of the above scavenger hunt ideas!

Which one are you most excited about?


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  1. These are great ideas! I’m going to have to remember this post for the next time my nieces and nephews are over and we need something fun for them to do. They would love these! 🙂

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