Don’t Miss These 5 Reasons You Should Take an Epic Road Trip This Summer

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After spending a little over a month in a mini-van with our family of six on our epic road trip last summer, I have come to the conclusion that everyone should take a family road trip at least once.

Don't Miss These 5 Reasons You Should Take an Epic Road Trip This Summer 2

I have a question for you though. Why haven’t you taken a road trip with your family yet?

Have you avoided taking a road trip because the thought of being stuck in the van with your kids for hours on end gives you heart palpitations?

While being stuck in a van with your kids for hours on end doesn’t exactly sound like a vacation, especially if your kids are little, keep in my mind, it is possible to road trip with your family without losing your mind.

Trust me, sometimes the thought of taking a trip to the grocery store sounds daunting to me too.

But given the opportunity to see more of the United States and show my kids the world outside of their bubble, I knew that every inconvenience I might have would be completely worth it for a 1000+ mile road trip with them.

As it turns out, I should have had more faith in our family’s ability to road trip across states.

Sure there were bumps and detours along the way. What vacation doesn’t have those? The memories and what we learned while on the road trip far outweighed any negatives.

Don't Miss These 5 Reasons You Should Take an Epic Road Trip This Summer 3

Reasons Your Family Needs to Take a Road Trip

1. The Memories

Hands down, the absolute best reason to go on a road trip with your family is the memories that you will make on your trip. Sure, there will be constant potty breaks, quite a bit of whining, there will be fighting (naturally), and you will constantly feel the need to stretch your legs, but all of these things will magically disappear once you look back on your trip and all of the great things that you did. It’s the good moments that make the memories, not the tiny inconveniences.

2. The Adventure

The destination is just part of the trip. The trip to get there will reward you with countless adventures and memories of their own. While you could hop on a plane and be at your destination in a matter of hours, you would miss spending quality time exploring the country together.

The journey to the destination is half the fun!

Just make sure to bring snacks.

3. Time Together

We only have so much time before our children are grown and out on their own. It happens a lot faster than I thought it would. The days are long and the years are super short.

Yes, a van is a very confined space to be stuck together, but it provides many opportunities to connect with one another. On the road time was one of my favorite things about road tripping.

4. The Learning Opportunities

Travel is one of the best forms of education there is.

Don't Miss These 5 Reasons You Should Take an Epic Road Trip This Summer 4

Traveling from state to state provides you with changes in culture and different ways of life. It allowed my kids to get out of their bubble and see more of the country.

It also gave us opportunities to see landmarks and historical sites that they had only read about in books.

5. Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone

This may not always feel like a good reason to do something, but I assure you, it is. It’s quite possibly my favorite.

Living a life on the road for any amount of time is far different than hopping on a plane for a few hours.

Learning the art of stepping outside of their comfort zone and seeing that the world is so much bigger than their little bubble, is something that will stay with your children for the rest of their lives.

Have you ever been on a road trip? Where did you go?

Don't Miss These 5 Reasons You Should Take an Epic Road Trip This Summer 5

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