Road Trips with Little Passports

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Travel with Young Children
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With Holidays coming up, I can imagine that we all have traveling with littles on our minds. It's not always easy, but it doesn't have to be stressful. Plan for lots of stops, make sure to pack plenty of snacks and water in sippy cups, and remember to breathe. Little Passports has some great ideas too!

Making the best of a road trip with Little Passports Travel Tips

“Are we there yet?” was a term coined by the family road trip! While new technology and toys may have silenced backseat conversations, spending time together in the car can still be a great opportunity for family bonding and learning. Even if you plan on bringing the latest gadget to pass the time, try saving them for the end of your trip when everyone is tired and cranky!

Here are some ideas from Little Passports that are sure to make the time fly by (or at least go by a little faster):

  • Save your most recent Little Passports delivery from Sam and Sofia for your road trip so your kids to learn and explore during the car ride. We love Little Passports at our house. My children learn about the world around them while also incorporating what they are learning in their imaginative play. It's awesome to hear the stories they come up with.
  • Say goodbye to your trusted GPS! Bring back the memory of car trips as a kid and use a map! The night before your trip bring out an actual map (if you can find one!) to show your intended route to your child. Even better, copy the map and pull out a highlighter so your child can follow along – and let you know when you missed a turn. We love looking at maps. We are so dependent on our smart phones to get us from point a to point b. I don't want my children to grow up without learning how to read a map. This is perfect for non-readers as well as early readers.
  • Build in time for stops – and if time allows, make short stops that incorporate fun activities along the way. Everyone will need a bathroom break and a meal, but if that happens at a place right off the highway and near playground it can be better for everyone! The kids will get fed – and burn off some energy. We usually pack a lunch to eat at a rest stop or stop somewhere that is kid friendly.
  • Hit up a dollar store before you leave and stock up on small toys and activities to give to your kids along the way. Every hour let your child choose a surprise – a great incentive for good behavior! You can even wrap the toys for an added element of excitement. My children love to look at books, and for those extra long trips, we alternate between books on CD, Seeds Worship CDs, and movies.


    Use this link to make your next road trip educational: Little Passports Travel Tips.

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What are some of your best tips for making the most of road trips?

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