Declutter Your Home: 75 Things to Sell, Donate, Throw Away to Simplify Your Home

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Do you struggle with clutter in your home? When was the last time you made piles of things to sell, donate, or throw away? As we are getting ready to move, I am overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that we actually have. I've gotten really good at hiding things in cabinets, under the sink, in the linen closet, on shelves. Everything may have a place, but it's too much.

We are living in bondage and overwhelmed with stuff. It is time to declutter.

Declutter Your Home: 75 Things to Sell, Donate, Throw Away to Simplify Your Home 1

The biggest problem is that we don't even realize it. We bring stuff into our homes little by little, and little by little it starts weighing on us. Suffocating the life out of us until we are so overwhelmed we cannot breathe. Have you been there?

The good news is that we can stop the cycle.


You can simplify your home, just like me.

Let's stop putting it off until tomorrow. Go grab a Rubbermaid container or a trash bag and follow me through the house. I promise you will feel so much lighter after you go through your stuff and sell, donate, or throw away the clutter.

Come on, let's simplify your home too. It's time to declutter.

 75 Things to Sell, Donate, or Throw Away


  1. Throw away old spices.
  2. Throw away expired food in the cabinets and pantry.
  3. Sell or donate extra baking ware.
  4. Sell or donate Kitchen appliances you haven't used in over a year.
  5. Throw away dishes that are chipped and/or cracked.
  6. Sell or donate table settings that are outdated or you no longer use.
  7. Throw away the Kitchen sponge(s). It's time to replace it.
  8. Recycle the plastic and paper bags you have hoarded from the grocery store.
  9. Donate the mugs you haven't used in a really long time.
  10. The papers on the counter, sort them. Recycle the trash, put the bills in the bill bin, and take pictures of the kid's artwork.
  11. Clean out that junk drawer.

Declutter Your Home: 75 Things to Sell, Donate, Throw Away to Simplify Your Home 2Living Room

  1. The trash in the couch cushions.
  2. All the stuff under the couch.
  3. Donate or sell the CDs and DVDs you haven't watched in a year.
  4. Sell or donate the pillows that always end up on the floor, which drives you crazy.
  5. Donate or sell the kid-sized chairs that are cute, but no one sits on them.
Declutter Your Home: 75 Things to Sell, Donate, Throw Away to Simplify Your Home 3


  1. Throw away the hotel soaps and travel bottles of shampoo and conditioner from your vacation two years ago.
  2. Get rid of the makeup that has been in your makeup for over two years.
  3. Old toothbrushes should be in the trash.
  4. Dispose of expired medications – prescription and over the counter.
  5. Throw away the half-used bottles of randomness stored under the bathroom sink or in the closet.
  6. Donate the massive amount of hand towels that you have collected over the years. Keep six at the most.
  7. Throw away the toilet brush.
  8. Recycle the plastic bags from the store, I see that stash under the sink.
  9. Throw away the stash of empty toilet paper rolls, empty tissue boxes, and the empty plastic wrap from the toilet paper.
  10. Throw away expired sunscreen. I know it cost an arm and a leg, but it won't be as effective when you need it.
  11. Clean out the drawer that becomes a catch-all.
  12. Throw away stained and worn out towels and washcloths.

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  1. Throw away old receipts.
  2. Sort through the pile of mail that you've never gone through and trash most of it.
  3. Recycle old magazines and catalogs.
  4. Scan children's artwork and send to family members, repurpose it for holidays or trash.
  5. Throw away broken crayons, markers missing lids, pencils without erasers, and pens that don't work.
  6. Throw away random cords that you don't know what they go to.
  7. Recycle the half-used notebooks, unless you're REALLY going to use them. But you don't need 10 half-used notebooks.
  8. Recycle the stationery you've had from the early 2000's. It's probably time to buy ONE new set and use that before you buy more, even if it's a great deal.
  9. Sort the random papers stuffed in drawers. You probably don't need more than half of them.
  10. Don't forget the catch-all drawer.


Declutter Your Home: 75 Things to Sell, Donate, Throw Away to Simplify Your Home 4


  1. Sort through your closet. Donate or sell the items that don't fit well and/or the things you haven't worn in a year.
  2. Go through your underwear drawer and throw away the ones that have holes or don't fit anymore.
  3. Throw away the socks that still don't have matches.
  4. Throw away clothes that are stained and have holes (Seriously, why do we keep this stuff?!)
  5. Have a slip and pantyhose from the early 2000's? Donate them.
  6. Pajamas with holes? Throw them away.
  7. A random pile of books by the nightstand, sort and donate.
  8. Throw away the broken hamper.
  9. Donate the shoes you haven't worn in years and the ones that are uncomfortable.
  10. Sort your accessories and donate the out-dated pieces you no longer wear.
  11. Sort the purses/bags, keeping two, donate or sell the rest.
  12. Clean out that drawer in the dresser.

Declutter the Playroom

  1. Throw away broken toys.
  2. Donate or sell duplicate toys.
  3. Sort through the stuffed animals and donate the majority of them.
  4. Donate or sell toys that are still in good condition that your children haven't played with in ages.
  5. Donate or sell the toys that your children have outgrown and are no longer age-appropriate.
  6. Throw away puzzles with missing pieces.
  7. Throw away board games with missing pieces.
  8. This would be a great time to donate the really annoying toys, blame it on decluttering.
  9. Sort the books. I KNOW this is so hard. Recycle the ones that have ripped pages and broken covers. Donate the ones you no longer read or your kids have outgrown. Keep the special ones (but not ALL of them).
  10. Sort through the craft supplies. Throw away the broken crayons, dried up markers, and colored pencils down to the nub. Recycle paper scraps, and all the art supplies you kept that haven't been used in a while.

I know toy organization is hard, but it's not impossible. You have your piles. Decide what to sell, donate, or throw away.

Declutter Your Home: 75 Things to Sell, Donate, Throw Away to Simplify Your Home 5


  1. Throw away random cords.
  2. Consider donating all the boxes of stuff from your last move that have yet to be opened. You haven't used it in who knows how long, you probably don't need it. At least sort through them and only keep the sentimental items.
  3. Throw away broken toys.
  4. Check the expiration date on the seed (affiliate link) packets.
  5. Throw away the broken clay pots.
  6. Donate or sell most of the clay pots.
  7. Recycle the plastic pots.
  8. Throw away the half-used bags of potting soil that is growing mold.

Declutter the Whole House

  1. Recycle the batteries in the smoke detectors, and PLEASE remember to replace them.
  2. Sell or donate furniture that doesn't fit in the room. Go from room to room and make a list.
  3. Sell or donate home decor that no longer fits your house or your style.
  4. Recycle old cell phones.
  5. Recycle old laptops and computers (you can keep the hard drive)
  6. Check the filter on the vacuum. Is it reusable? Wash it. Is it replaceable? Throw it away.
  7. Throw away the air filters and replace them.

Create a command center so you always know where the important documents are.

Declutter Your Home: 75 Things to Sell, Donate, Throw Away to Simplify Your Home 6


This is not a small task. You can break up your declutter time room by room to make it more manageable. Once you are finished, you will be amazed at the weight that has been lifted off of you. You might also feel emotional about the amount of stuff, and second guess if this was the right decision. It was the best decision you could have made for you and your family.

Separating ourselves from our stuff is hard. It's almost like it becomes part of us. But it's easy when you can only pick one: sell, donate, or throw away as you declutter.

When you're finished you will be free.

That is a great feeling. It makes resetting for the week so much easier. Overwhelmed with 75 things? Try starting with these and Clean out that junk drawer.

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  1. I realize your heart may be in the right place, But Wow, there’s a lot of waste, in your article . I’m really glad to see alot of things donated or recycled, but ALOT more can be used in different ways, or donated also. Example, those small Hotel bottles, can be donated to the homeless. Old sunscreen may not be good for soft protection, but it still makes great moisturizer. Old towels make great rags. Etc, etc.

    1. @Lisa, I understand your thoughts and agree, especially with donating unexpired items to homeless or shelters. However, keeping expired or unused goods for repurposing is how many people (myself included) end up with more clutter. For example, if I want moisturizer, I’m just going to use my moisturizer. I always try to hold onto things I may need one day or I may use in a project I’ll never start, or I’ll leave in my house or car for months until I end up throwing it away or dropping it. For me, purging is way more important, than repurposing. I’m not saying you are wrong. I just feel like your comments could be hurtful, when instead you could just take what works for you and leave the rest behind. Have a great day!

    2. @rebecca,
      I understand purging things that you will never use, but why throw out your old stationery to replace it with new stationery? I understand getting rid of some of it if you have too much, or all of it if you will never use it, but why get rid of it just to replace it? And moisturizer is something that you will frequently run out of and need to replace, might as well use up whatever you have on hand before buying new. It cuts down on waste and saves money. As someone who is broke and tries to find a way to use everything till it has to be replaced, it really does feel wasteful to throw things out to replace them. I understand if it’s something you won’t ever use, but to declutter something that you will just need to replace isn’t good for the environment either.

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