5 Reasons You Should Read Aloud Books to Big Kids Too

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When your children get older, it’s easy to focus on independent reading. Don’t miss the blessing of reading aloud together as a family and these 5 reasons you should read aloud books to big kids too.

We take it as an accomplishment and the ultimate goal when our kids can read fluently and comprehend what they read on their own. But think about what helped younger readers develop that love of reading.

Reading aloud is so beneficial for every age. Even as adults, we enjoy listening to audiobooks and podcasts. Upper elementary through high school students aren’t any different.

It also helps us connect as a family.

read aloud books as a family

5 Reasons You Should Read Aloud Books

1. Reading aloud to big kids helps build vocabulary.

Whether they are just learning how to read or have been reading for years, reading out loud helps all of your children encounter more words. In turn, they will learn how to recognize and pronounce those words.

5 Reasons You Should Read Aloud Books to Big Kids Too 1

2. Aid in reading comprehension.

Even advanced readers comprehend more when they hear and follow along visually with a text.

Encourage your children to listen to your voice as they read the corresponding text with their eyes as you read aloud books. Hearing a fluent reader while seeing the text (and even feeling the text if they follow along with their finger), will engage more than one sense, helping in the retention of what they’ve read.

3. Practice listening skills.

As your children listen to the text, ask them to focus on an essential question, find the main idea, or make a connection. When you are finished reading, have them revisit that question.

By using a question prior to the read aloud, you’re encouraging your older readers to have a purpose for their reading and practice listening skills.

4. Share your favorites.

How often do you wish you could introduce your children to your favorite stories or novels? Read the first chapter aloud. Your children will feel the passion through your oral reading.

A love of reading is contagious! When your children know how much you enjoy reading through sharing your favorites, they will want to immerse themselves in their own reading.

Remember, reading goes beyond bedtime. Trying reading through a book over breakfast or dinner!

5 Reasons You Should Read Aloud Books to Big Kids Too 2

5. Encourage your children to read aloud.

Not only are you demonstrating fluent reading and improving reading skills by sharing your own voice, but you are also modeling something your kids should also try: reading aloud.

Reading aloud is a skill that they can take with them through school and beyond!

These 5 reasons to keep reading aloud to older readers will help your kids in all content areas. It is not just about their language arts class.

In fact, hearing texts into the teen (and even adult years) helps older readers improve reading comprehension in a variety of ways.

Try some of your favorites with your own kids!

5 Reasons You Should Read Aloud Books to Big Kids Too 3

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