10 Must Try Campfire Recipes Your Family Will Love

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As a Girl Scout, one of my favorite activities was camping out at Camp Shantituck. We would cook easy campfire foil dinners using our favorite campfire recipes, sing songs around the campfire, and put on performances if I remember correctly. So many memories were made around that campfire.

When I think about being a mom, I tend to be a boring mom. We make memories, but they aren't always these big and elaborate things. They are mainly simple with an emphasis on being present and showing my kids I love them. Sometimes they are silly and a little crazy.

Like when we set up a tent in our living room. In our apartment.

Yes, we did that.

10 Must Try Campfire Recipes Your Family Will Love 1
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It sounded like a great idea at the time. Little did I realize, that the tent would take up the WHOLE living and dining area. That went a lot better when the tent was in our backyard in North Carolina. But I was determined to make it work. We made it work alright. Next time though, we might just make a blanket fort and sleep under that.

One of the things I want to do this Summer is to take my family camping. I would prefer “glamping” and gourmet camping recipes but we will see what happens. What are the best recipe ideas for camping? Here are some family-friendly, easy campfire meals I can't wait to try.

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What Are The Best Recipe Ideas for Camping? | Easy Campfire Recipes Your Family Will Love

Campfire Donuts

1. Campfire Donuts Recipe – Must Have Mom

Quick, easy and delicious! This tasty gourmet campfire meal is sure to be a hit with the whole family!

Smoked Grilled Salmon

2. Hickory Smoked Grilled Salmon – Busy Creating Memories

This salmon recipe looks absolutely tasty! The yummy homemade fish rub is sure to pack a punch of flavor, and so will the smoke from cooking over the open fire with this easy campfire meal!

Tonka Pie Iron for Camping

3. Delicious Tonka Cooker Personal Pizzas & Dessert – Simply {Darr}ling

I've definitely got to find one of those Pie Irons! This looks like a delicious way to cook up a tasty meal over a campfire!

Tin Foil Brat and Veggie

4. Brat & Veggie Foil Packet Meals – Who Needs A Cape?

I love a good campfire recipe in foil packets! I especially love them because I can prepare them before we leave for the campsite, then all that's left to do is cook it over the fire. Talk about the prefect camping meal!

S-mores Latte

5. S' mores Latte Recipe – Hello Nature

If you're in need of the perfect campfire drink recipe whether you're enjoying your campsite or at home wishing you were outdoors, this delicious S' mores Latte recipe is it!

Fajita Chicken Foil Packet

6. Chicken Fajita Foil Packet Recipe for Camping – Growing Up Gabel

Another tasty campfire foil packet recipe! This one is perfect if you're craving something for Mexican night – don't forget to bring some extra foil to warm up your tortillas!

Dutch Oven Potatoes

7. Dutch Oven Potatoes Recipe – Busy Creating Memories

A dutch oven campfire recipe is basically a must for campfire cooking and this potato recipe is practically a guaranteed win! What's better than cheese and bacon and potatoes when it comes to comfort food? This campfire potato recipe is sure to please!

The Best Beef Kabob Marinade Recipe

8. The Best Beef Kabob Marinade Recipe – Must Have Mom

They are really easy to marinate ahead of time and throw on the grill when you’re ready to make them. Quick and easy but incredibly flavorful!

S'mores Cone Dessert

9. S'mores Cones Recipe – Thrifty Jinxy

Make this delicious campfire dessert recipe on your campfire or grill. Melty, ooey-gooey and chocolatey you better bring extra of these because I am pretty sure everyone will want at least two!

Hot Dog Foil Pocket

10. Foil Packet Hot Dog Recipe – Growing Up Gabel

Mix up your usual hot dog deliciousness and add in some veggies!

YUM! Do you have favorite campfire recipes your family loves to eat? Let me know in the comments!

Campfire Recipes Round Up

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