5 Steps to Creating Your Own Outdoor Oasis Your Whole Family Will Love

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Transform your porch, patio, or deck into a dreamy, one-of-a-kind relaxation zone with these budget-friendly tips for your outdoor oasis.

Creating an Outdoor Oasis
Backyard Before

As you can see it needed some work. There is potential, but with my husband’s work schedule and having 4 littles at home, creating an outdoor oasis has been put on the back burner. Until now.

Pier 1 Imports In Store

Walking into the store was like walking into a tropical paradise. The colors were vibrant and full of energy. I quickly wanted one of everything, but the budget wouldn’t allow that. The best way to freshen up the outside and add color would be with pillows, so that’s where I started.

Pier 1 In Store 2

It was hard narrowing down my choices, so I enlisted the help of our oldest daughter. She loved getting to help. She wanted one of everything too.

We made our selections and went home to create our Outdoor Oasis.

I have always liked our back porch. It’s a great place to sit in the mornings and drink coffee or wind down at night after the kids are in bed. But it’s also a space that collects stuff. The back porch seems to be the holding area for items that we no longer want in the house, but haven’t yet made it to the garage. It was great to have it cleared out again and regain that space. I LOVE the vibrant colors of the cushions.

Outdoor Oasis

On the day of the party, we prepped the food and made sure the cushions were in place. We had four families who said they could attend. We were all excited to have friends over for fellowship and food.

Outdoor Oasis 2

At exactly 6:00 pm, the time my party was supposed to start, the clouds opened up. Rain, strong winds, hail. Pretty much everything that you don’t want to have at an outdoor party. While we had to move everything inside, our guests were able to enjoy our back porch for a bit in-between the lightning and strong winds. One thing that I was able to show everyone was how water-repellent the pillows are. Perfect for outdoor use!

Outdoor Oasis Rainstorm

But that didn’t put a damper on our party. Although not all of the families could make it in the rain, we still had fun with those who braved the storm. The guys grilled hot dogs and chicken, while the kids and mommies ate hummus and veggies. We served Greek salad, chips, and cupcakes for dessert. Everything was gluten-free which made life easy for everyone.

We enjoyed throwing our Outdoor Oasis party so much that I think we’re going to host a cookout once a month for whoever can come.

How to Create An Outdoor Oasis

1. Clear the space.

If it’s anything like our back porch, we had to clear it all out and just bring the necessities back in. For us, the necessities included the outdoor furniture set, a planter, and a painted dresser.

2. Add color.

Before we had a two-toned dark cushion set. While it wasn’t bad, it was just there. Our new cushions from Pier 1 are vibrant and colorful. Very cheerful. While the colors are summery, I have a feeling that even next winter, I will love looking out the kitchen window and seeing all the bright colors contrasting with the drab of winter.

3. Invite people over.

I needed a deadline. I work much better with an event to work towards. We had been talking about getting the outside cleaned up and organized, but it wasn’t a priority. Knowing that people were coming over gave us a goal to work towards.

4. Add plants.

We added a color planter of flowers to the setting. There is just something about flowers that is inviting and organic. Flowers make me smile and add texture to space.

5. Get outside and enjoy it.

Don’t get so busy this Summer that you miss this opportunity to enjoy your new space.

What would you add to your outdoor oasis?

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  1. oh my goodness I just spent way more time than I meant to looking through that cataloug! SO many pretty choices! I’d probably go with some pictures frames for our new mantel though! LOVE

  2. I love Pier 1! I just bought a beautiful pitcher from Pier 1 for a wedding gift … but I really wanted to keep it for myself. 🙂

  3. Love Pier One! I need to freshen up my bedroom so something colorful for the walls or to coordinate with the new quilt I’m piecing 🙂

  4. I’m loving everything in that catalog and I love the bright colors of the pillows on your porch. If I won I would have to get that awesome peacock pillow, love the colors!

  5. Whitney, I love your space! I wish we lived closer so you could come help me with mine! I adore your color choices and pergola! Great job!

  6. I like the throw pillows. Mine have been thrown so many times (3+ children), they’re looking a bit worse for wear. =)

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