How to Use a Bullet Journal for Powerful Bible Study and Daily Devotions

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Have you seen this craze of bullet journaling? Did you know it's not just for Daily To-Do Lists? You can use a bullet journal for Bible Study and your Daily Devotions!

Many women are finding that journaling helps their walk with God on a daily basis. Whether you’re using your journal for prayers, sermon notes, a bullet journal for Bible Study is the perfect way to help you focus on growing your relationship with the Lord.

Bullet Journal for Bible Study

Bullet Journal Materials

To get started with bullet journaling, you’ll need a few supplies. You don’t have to invest in the fanciest notebooks and pens, just do what works for you.

Basics of Bullet Journaling

You can get by with just the basics:

The journal – There are several options for bullet journals. Which journal you choose depends on personal preference. Many use Moleskin, while others use Leuchtturm notebooks. Notebooks with the grids are great, but there are also ones with dots. Be sure to grab a small ruler if you’re going to use a notebook without grid lines.

Writing utensils – You can use regular pens and pencils for your bullet journal, but if you want to add a little flare, I recommend purchasing fine tip pens in several colors. I found a good deal on a 36 pack of high-quality pens on Amazon, but you can also get good deals at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby if you download the app and use their coupons.

Extras for Bullet Journaling

Want to get fancy?

Try these:

Stamps – From calendar stamps to cute stamps with icons and words, stamps are an affordable way to dress up your bullet journal.

Stickers – Stickers make me happy! You can find them at Michael’s, the Dollar Tree, or even Wal-Mart and Target. Here are some inspirational stickers on Amazon.

Felt Tip Markers – These are for making thicker letters. Using fine tip pens for most writing is perfect, but for titles, if you want them to be a little thicker, get the felt tip markers.

How to Use a Bullet Journal for Bible Study

Getting Started with Bullet Journaling

To get started, make a list of pages you’d like to include in your bullet journal. You can use your bullet journal any way you’d like! You can have your To-Do list, a weekly and monthly calendar, and your Bible study and devotionals all in one handy notebook.

Don’t worry about perfection. If you aren’t artistically inclined, that’s okay! The point of this bullet journal is to help us grow in the Word and in our walk with the Lord. He doesn’t care what your journal looks like.

You can use your favorite Bible, an online version, or the Bible app on your phone.

Ideas for Your Bullet Journal

Reading through the Bible is something many haven't done but want to. Perhaps you’ve already read through the Bible and want to do it again. Setting up a schedule and sticking to it can be difficult. Life gets in the way and our good intentions didn't become a reality! The first step is to make a plan. Create a layout for your Bible-in-a-year schedule.

Here are some good ones:

Variety Bible Reading Schedule
Daily Bible Reading Plan
Praying + Reading Through the Bible in 100 Days

Gratitude journals are a great way to keep ourselves grounded and accountable to being thankful for all God has provided.

Bible study: How do you get Bible verses to “stick”? Try the SOAP method:

Scripture: Write out the verse.
Observation: What does this verse mean to you? What is God saying?
Application: How can you apply this verse to your life?
Prayer: Ask God to help you apply the Scripture to your life.

How to Use a Bullet Journal for Powerful Bible Study and Daily Devotions 1

Examples of Bullet Journal Pages

There are so many different pages you could create! You can create a 1-page layout of this 8 Things to do Before 8 AM list and the 10 Things to do Before 10 PM. Even though you already know the basics of what you want to accomplish before 8 AM and 10 PM, it’s nice to see it in a colorful way. It always helps to have everything written down to reference throughout the day. If you’re struggling with getting things accomplished, consider making checkboxes or a habit tracker to keep you accountable.

Make a prayer list. If friends or family ask for prayer, writing down their names and something to remind you of their request will help to keep you focused.

Include a page of Godly Women to Learn From and one page of Virtues of a Godly Woman.

It's a great way to write out the Bible too. Pick a book and start writing passages. Under the passages, explain what God is revealing to you.

Another good idea is to write verses by topic. For example, write “FAITH” at the top of the page and under that write out all the verses you can find about faith.

Bullet journaling is great because it’s unique to you, it doesn’t take a lot of time, and the possibilities are endless.

31 Christian Journaling Prompts For Moms

  1. Reflect on a Bible verse that brings you comfort as a mother. Write about why it is meaningful to you.
  2. Describe a recent moment when you felt God's presence in your parenting journey.
  3. Write a prayer for your children's growth and well-being.
  4. Share a lesson you've learned from your children about faith or love.
  5. Reflect on a time when you struggled with balancing motherhood and your faith. How did you overcome it?
  6. Write about a specific attribute of God that helps you navigate the challenges of motherhood.
  7. Journal about a recent answered prayer concerning your family.
  8. Share a favorite family tradition that strengthens your bond with God and each other.
  9. Reflect on a mistake you made as a parent and how God's grace helped you grow from it.
  10. Write a letter to your future self, expressing your hopes and prayers for your children's future.
  11. Describe a moment when your child taught you a spiritual truth or perspective.
  12. Journal about a specific Bible story or character that inspires you as a mother.
  13. Write about a time when you felt overwhelmed as a mom and how you found peace in God's promises.
  14. Reflect on a verse that challenges you to trust God more deeply in your role as a mother.
  15. Share a testimony of God's faithfulness in your family's life.
  16. Journal about a recent family activity where you saw God's hand at work.
  17. Write a prayer of gratitude for the blessings of motherhood.
  18. Reflect on a Scripture passage that speaks to the importance of patience in parenting.
  19. Describe how you incorporate prayer into your daily routine as a mom.
  20. Write about a way you've seen God's love reflected in your child's actions.
  21. Share a favorite hymn or worship song that uplifts you during challenging moments as a mom.
  22. Reflect on a Bible verse that encourages you to persevere through trials in motherhood.
  23. Journal about a recent conversation with your child that deepened your faith.
  24. Write a letter to your children, sharing your hopes for their spiritual journey.
  25. Reflect on a time when you felt inadequate as a parent and how God's strength sustained you.
  26. Share a prayer request for your family's spiritual growth.
  27. Journal about a specific aspect of motherhood that you're entrusting to God's guidance.
  28. Write about a way you've witnessed God's grace in your parenting journey.
  29. Reflect on a Scripture verse that reminds you of the importance of self-care as a mom.
  30. Share a memory of a family blessing or miracle that strengthened your faith.
  31. Write a prayer of surrender, committing your children's lives and futures into God's hands.

These prompts are designed to inspire reflection, gratitude, and spiritual growth in the context of motherhood and faith. Feel free to adapt them as needed to suit your personal experiences and preferences.
What else would you add to your journal?

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  1. Thank you, Whitney for sharing! I have a Leauchtturm that I use as a planner and a gratitude book. I combined them because it was a way to minimize what I carry and so that I can reflect on gratitude with the Lord daily. No excuse for being too caught up with a busy schedule because it is in my planner! I recently started adding some scripture art to my gratitude journal and have been desiring some sort of bible/scripture art and study to journal. I enjoyed this post and look forward to implementing some of your tips and growing in my relationship with Christ. God bless!

  2. I add study notes, personal and traditional prayers, scripture themes, works of mercy, along with my concern and highlight of the day to my bujo. Educating myself on my faith motivates me to keep in step with God.

  3. This is such an encouraging way of remembering what to write! I absolutely love this. I have a journal where I could do this. Thank you for your insight! <3

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