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Organizing A Small Apartment and Maximizing Your Living Space With These 6 Incredible Hacks

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If you had told me three years that our family of six could live in an apartment comfortably, I would have laughed in your face. I’m here to tell you that with a mind shift, some creative thinking, and letting go of preconceived notions, it is possible and you might actually enjoy it!

Don’t miss these tips for organizing a small apartment for a large family.

Don’t misunderstand me. Living in small spaces isn’t always easy, but these tips for organizing a small apartment will help you make the most of your space. Whether you are a single individual in a studio apartment, or a family trying to fit into a small space these tips can apply to you and your organizational needs.

Organizing A Small Apartment So You Can Live

1. Utilize all possible storage spaces.

One of the best organizing tips for small spaces, especially a small apartment, is to use the space under your bed and in your closet for storage. There are tons of great under-the-bed storage containers from cloth bags for shoes to hard plastic tubs that can house anything from games to holiday decorations.

organizing a small apartment

Use as much of the space under your bed as possible to store those items not used frequently. You can also use closet space for storage. Vacuum seal bags make it easy to put off-season bedding or winter gear into the top of the closet until needed for later. Even foldable shelves!

Some apartment buildings offer outdoor storage areas and garages. Check with your complex to see if you can use the garage for storage before assuming you can. In the past, we’ve used the storage closet as a holding area before letting go of things. If we didn’t need it or think about it after a period of time, we donated or sold the items.

2. Hang more on the walls.

Walls aren’t just for hanging pictures. Use them to hang coat racks, utensil racks, and even for storage in your bathroom for things like hair accessories, shampoo, and lotions. There are tons of hanging racks that are multi-purpose and can be used throughout your home to organize items and keep them within easy reach in a small apartment.

Shelving is key for small spaces when organizing a small apartment.

One of my favorite organizational spaces is our command center on the wall and backpack storage area.

3. Declutter as much as possible.

The ultimate organizing tip is to purge as much as you can and organize what is left. That means going through closets, storage bins, and even furniture and really considering whether you need to keep that item. Some sentimental things could be stored elsewhere if needed, but many items should simply be thrown away or donated.

Fewer items ultimately bring you a much cleaner and more organized home.

This also applies to clothes. Creating a capsule wardrobe helps with decluttering clothes. Try the trick where you flip the hanger on clothes that you have worn. You might be surprised at what you actually wear compared to what you think you wear.

4. Invest in multi-purpose items.

This is one of the best tips for organizing your kitchen in a small apartment. Grab a heavy-duty food processor to use for blending, shredding, chopping, and mixing items. Invest in quality utensils that are spatulas and spoons and work easily for multiple functions to save space and keep your kitchen organized.

Need more ideas for toy storage? I love using unconventional items for storage.

5. Keep items in their proper space.

In a small apartment, just a few extra items in one room can create clutter and disorganization. Keep kids’ toys and games in their room. Keep clothing (affiliate link) in closets or laundry areas. Shoes go in a designated place and are not tossed around wherever. Even organizing the junk drawer. Keeping items in their place will help you breathe and keep your small space organized much easier.

6. Visit IKEA and bring your camera.

One of my favorite things before moving was to visit IKEA for inspiration. Check out the living areas and see which ideas would work best for you and your family. On this visit, don’t buy anything, but do take lots of pictures. Go home and make a board of ideas for small apartment living.

These tips for organizing a small apartment are so much easier to follow than you would expect. Organizing is all about making use of the space you have. By purging unnecessary items and using your space appropriately you can have a beautiful and well-organized home no matter how small it may be.

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