Celebrate World PLAY-DOH Day on September 16th

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Thank you PLAY-DOH for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

September 16th 2016 is World PLAY-DOH Day! It is amazing that the stuff I played with as a child has taken the world by storm. World PLAY-DOH Day has actually been celebrated since 2006, but the brand itself was created in 1956. That means people like you and I have had the pleasure to play with PLAY-DOH for almost 60 years. The first few colors of the original invention of PLAY-DOH were red, yellow, white, and blue. Not you can find almost every color under the rainbow. I love that PLAY-DOH is still made with three very simple ingredients (water, salt, and flour).


Now that you have a little background on PLAY-DOH Day, I wanted to share some reasons why my family loves PLAY-DOH.

Why We’re Celebrating World PLAY-DOH Day on September 16th

1. Easy to play with.

It is awesome to be able to just sit down and play with something. No stress, just lots of squishiness in the Playdough and I love it. My kids equally love it.

Celebrate World PLAY-DOH Day on September 16th

2. The ingredients are simple.

I love that even though PLAY-DOH has been around for so many years, they are still dedicated to making sure the ingredients are VERY simple. Does it get any easier than water, flour, and salt? No. Those ingredients are very simple and that makes me super happy.

3. The possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re 15 or 5, I think it’s important to note that when you’re playing with PLAY-DOH, your imagination can run wild. Plus, all of the awesome tools they have for PLAY-DOH lovers, you can build things for days. I love PLAY-DOH because even if I am getting older, I can still whip out some PLAY-DOH and enjoy a little play time.


4. My kids can build masterpieces.

Yes, when it comes to PLAY-DOH, I am amazed at what my kids can build. I love putting it in front of them and watching them go to work. I’m in awe every time they build me something and they easily put me to shame.

While my love for PLAY-DOH is undeniable and my list could go on forever, it’s important to note that PLAY-DOH is going to be around for many years to come. Honestly, it’s PLAY-DOH Day every day at my house. There is not a day that goes by that we do not play with PLAY-DOH around here.


By the way, you need to get your hands on the (affiliate link) PLAY-DOH Ice (affiliate link) Cream Castle. It’s an amazing little creation that allows kids to build amazing ice (affiliate link) cream creations with their PLAY-DOH! Mine LOVED it and ask to play with it almost daily. I only wish they wouldn’t mix the colors. Ha!

What’s your favorite PLAY-DOH creation?

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