25 Summer Bucket List for KIDS Ideas For A More Creative Summer

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Last Summer I told myself I would be intentional and create a Summer Bucket List (go grab your free Summer Bucket List Printable) for our family. All too often at the end of the Summer I look back and wish that we had made more memories together as a family.

Memories aren't always about going to places or spending lots of money.

Yes, my kids talk all the time about Walt Disney World, the Zoo, and our trips to the beach.

But they also remember bike rides, water painting, roasting marshmallows, reading books together, picking strawberries, and making strawberry shortcakes. Free and cheap Summer activities are sometimes the ones that children remember most.

This Summer, let's be intentional and make this Summer one to remember.

Summer Bucket List for Kids

1. Create a solar oven to make s'mores.
2. Mail something funky.
3. Make some lemonade.
4. Have a water balloon fight.
5. Build a fort.
6. Try a new playdough recipe.
7. Tie-dye some socks.
8. Have a potato sack race.
9. Make popsicles.
10. Do a DIY photo booth.
11. Keep a summer scrapbook.
12. Do a scavenger hunt.
13. Make a mini sandbox.

summer bucket list for kids 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas Ice Pops

14. Sip a layered drink.
15. Visit a farmer's market.
16. Have fun with bouncing bubbles.
17. Hike in the mountains.
18. Donate old clothes, books, and toys.
19. Chill out on a water blob.
20. Learn to play a new card game like Crazy 8s, Old Maid, or War.
21. Play with some scented sidewalk chalk.
22. Bake cookies. 23. Grab a stick out of the boredom jar.
24. Bomb someone with sponges.
25. Paint with your feet.

What are the activities on your Summer Bucket List?

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  1. This is a great idea! It never fails for us, we have all these ideas of fun things to do and we keep putting them off for later and then before you know it summer is over! Having an actual list to check off is a great reminder to go out there and do stuff!!!

    1. Yes! Every year that has been us. Then the end of Summer comes and I have no idea what we did. I LOVE the idea of taking one picture every day too. I may have to start that. TODAY!

  2. What an awesome list! I love the idea of making a solar oven. We might have to put a few of these on our bucket list.

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