Delicious Dairy-free Ice Cream

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Summer is the perfect time to indulge in sweet, frozen treats. For some, ice (affiliate link) cream is a bowl of torture. But it doesn’t have to be with this ice (affiliate link) cream!

You will LOVE this dairy free ice (affiliate link) cream recipe.

Delicious Dairy-free Ice Cream

We made this version of dairy-free ice cream at the request of my daughter. She actually told me what we needed to do. Every step. I have included affiliate links to help you find what you need to enjoy this recipe too!

What You Need


toddler safe knives

aluminum foil or silicone baking sheets

baking sheet

Vitamix Blender or Food Processor

Almond Milk or Coconut Milk

other additions such as strawberries, blueberries, chocolate syrup, whatever you want to add!

How To

This is the perfect time to use those little toddler safety knives. She was so excited to use a knife all by herself! If you’re short on time, you can both cut the bananas into circles. But if you have time, let your children cut them. They will LOVE the independence. Although it was a little hard for this mama to let go of the control, my daughter cut all the bananas.

I covered a cooking sheet with aluminum foil and we put down a layer of the cut bananas and popped them into the freezer. They were probably frozen after an hour, but we waited until the next day. It was a special “if you really take a nap this afternoon we can make some ice cream tonight” treat.

She wasn’t sure what to do after we froze the bananas, so I guessed. I decided to use our Vitamix Blender,  a Food Processor would work just as well.

I’m not a huge banana or a smoothie person. So this was interesting. My daughter opened the refrigerator and grabbed the orange juice. That sounded like it would work. Bananas and oranges. But there wasn’t a lot in the carton.

Of course we were also out of Almond Milk and Coconut Milk. I needed more liquid but didn’t want to use water. I looked in the pantry and found a can of coconut milk. Yea!!

My Baby Girl LOVED getting to pour the liquids in.

We blended everything together, making sure it was smooth.

My kids LOVED it. The orange juice and coconut milk gave it a tropical flavor. It was pretty good!

My daughter is already asking to make it again.

Do you think you’ll try it? What flavors will you add in?

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  1. My son is allergic to milk so I will have to remember this! We’ve made ice cream the old fashioned way (ice, rock salt, and almond milk in bags); but, I never thought of just using frozen berries and juice. Thanks for sharing!

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