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Delicious Hot Cocoa Bombs for Valentine’s Day

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Looking for a fun treat for Valentine’s Day? These hot cocoa bombs for Valentine’s Day will transform your hot chocolate into a delicious treat to keep you warm.

how to make hot cocoa bombs for Valentine's Day

These would go perfectly to warm up on a chilly night as you fill out Valentine’s to give out, as a party favor for Fun and Delicious Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Lollipop Decorating Party, or as a fun date night activity.

One of the hottest hot cocoa trends this season is hot chocolate bombs that will transform ordinary hot cocoa into a hot chocolate experience!

Hot cocoa bombs are a great way to get kids in the kitchen, making it the perfect family time activity. Kids will love playing with chocolate and then drinking their creations.

Silicone molds, like the ones featured below, will make your hot chocolate bombs unique and fun to watch as they melt into the steaming hot milk.

What are Hot Cocoa Bombs?

Think of hot cocoa bombs as bath bombs but for hot chocolate. Drop the hot chocolate bomb in a mug of steaming milk and watch it transform your warm milk into a delicious drink.

Hot Chocolate Bombs

While hot cocoa bombs grew in popularity during the Christmas season, hot cocoa bombs can be made for every season!

This hot cocoa bombs recipe is perfect for Valentine’s Day but can also be made for St Patrick’s Day or Easter with a few little tweaks.

Hot Cocoa Bombs make great neighbor treats, could be a perfect side hustle, or a fun treat for the whole family.

Silicone Molds for Hot Chocolate Bombs

The possibilities are endless when it comes to hot chocolate bomb molds! Here are a few of my favorite molds for making hot cocoa bombs for Valentine’s Day using affiliate links:

  1. Diamond Heart Shape

2. Round Silicone Mold

3. Hot Cocoa Bomb Set

Will you go for the traditional round shape for the geometric heart when making hot cocoa bombs for Valentine’s Day?

Hot Cocoa Bombs Recipe for Valentine’s Day

hot chocolate bombs for Valentine's Day on a plate with a heart setting

What Do I Need to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs?

How Do I Make Hot Cocoa Bombs for Valentine’s Day?

  1. Pour candy melts into a microwave-safe bowl and heat for 30 seconds or until melts have fully melted.
  2. Put one small spoonful of melted chocolate in each mold.
  3. Spread the candy melts up the sides of the mold until every bit of the mold is covered. This is SUPER important. Make sure everything is covered and there are no thin spots. The chocolate should go to the top of the mold.
  4. Let the molds sit for about 5 minutes & re-spread any of the candy melts that sank to the bottom of the molds.
  5. Place the molds in the freezer for about 10 minutes.
  6. Remove and repeat making the layer of chocolate thicker so it is more stable in each silicone mold. 
  7. Once set, carefully remove the candy melt spheres from the mold. 
  8. Fill half of the spheres with the hot cocoa powder, sprinkles, and marshmallows.
  9. Place a glass plate in the microwave for one minute. 
  10. Remove the plate and immediately place each chocolate sphere on the hot place to melt the edges.
  11. Place each heated sphere on each filled sphere. You can use the tip of your finger to smooth the melted candy around the seam.
  12. Place sealed balls in the freezer for about 10 minutes. This is important especially if you wish to add a drizzle on top.
  13. Take the icing, or melted chocolate drizzled with a fork, and draw lines back and forth on the top of your sphere.
  14. Sprinkle away. The icing will act as glue. 
  15. Heat milk on the stove, pour over the hot cocoa bomb, and enjoy!

Hot Cocoa Bombs Tips and Tricks

Do Hot Cocoa Bombs Need to Be Refrigerated?

After your hot chocolate cocoa bombs are made, they do not need to be refrigerated!

You can, however, store them in the fridge to prolong their shelf life.

How Do I Store Hot Cocoa Bombs?

You can store hot chocolate bombs in a cool dry container. Keep them at room temperature on a counter or in a cabinet, or store in the refrigerator for longer shelf life.

Hot Chocolate bombs will keep for several weeks if kept cool and away from heat.

Can I Make Hot Chocolate Bombs Without a Mold?

You can use a Kinder Joy Eggs as your mold!

Are There Hot Cocoa Bomb Mold Alternatives?

Of course!

Hot chocolate bomb mold alternatives include: silicone egg bite molds for Pressure Cooking, silicone muffin liners, and silicone large ice cube molds.

What other questions do you have about making Hot Cocoa Bombs for Valentine’s Day?

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