25 Date Night Bucket List Ideas and Free Printable

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Are you out of date night ideas? Try this Date Night Bucket List Ideas Bingo free printable to help you out! Think outside of the box and have fun together!

date night bucket list ideas bingo printable

Planning date nights are hard.

First, you have to find a babysitter, which is a feat in and of itself. But then you have to actually plan the date night.

It’s easy to get into a rut and do the same old dinner and a movie you’ve done for ages.

25 Date Night Bucket List Ideas and Free Printable 2

Let’s think outside of the box for our date night bucket list ideas and try something new!

It make it extra fun, we made it a Bingo Card. Cross them off each time you use one of the ideas!

Date Night Bucket List Ideas

25 Date Night Bucket List Ideas and Free Printable 3

1. Visit a Festival

Google Festivals Near Me to find local festivals in your area! Local festivals are so much fun to visit and people watch.

My favorite festivals to visit are Flower and Garden and Food and Wine.

2. Play Board Games.

Board games aren’t just for kids. Here a list of two-player board games for date night to get you started!

3. Visit a Planetarium

Check a local calendar and see what the special programs are. Learn about the stars and try to find them together.

4. Go to a Paint Night

I’ve done these with my kids but not my husband yet. It was a lot of fun and I was amazed at how well they turned out!

5. Go to a Comedy Club

Find a local comedy club and laugh the night away!

6. Take a Road Trip

Get in the car and drive.

25 Date Night Bucket List Ideas and Free Printable 4

7. Go Antiquing

Find a local antique mall and see who can find the most unique antique.

8. Go to the Arcade

Find a local arcade, add money to the card, and have fun!

9. Go Ice Skating

Lace up your skates, put on your coat, and skate the night away.

10. Take a Dance Class

You can even do this at home when the kids are in bed. YouTube has lots of dance tutorials.

11. Watch the Sunset

Grab a coffee or a glass of wine and watch the sun set over the horizon.

12. Visit a Winery

You might be surprised at how close you live to a winery! Some have non-alcoholic options as well.

25 Date Night Bucket List Ideas and Free Printable 5

13. Explore a Farmer’s Market

Ask a babysitter to come early in the day and visit a local farmer’s market. Say hi to locals and find the best deals from local farmers.

14. Go to a Museum

Whether it’s a local science museum, art museum, or history museum, visit a local one and learn something new together!

15. Have a Living Room Picnic

This is perfect when the babysitter cancels or you can’t find one.

16. Play Mini Golf

Visit a local mini golf course and play a round or two.

17. Go See a Local Band

Check out your local listings and see which local bands are playing.

18. Go Bowling

Lace up your bowling shoes and get a stike! Don’t forget to bring your socks!

25 Date Night Bucket List Ideas and Free Printable 6

19. Rent Your Dream Car and Go for a Drive

Find a local rental car company that is renting your dream car and take it out for a day or two.

20. Go to a Karaoke Bar.

Let loose and have fun singing your favorite tunes.

21. Go Dancing.

Cut a rug at a local dance hall.

22. Visit Another City.

Leave the kids with the grandparents and visit another city together.

23. Take Cooking Lesson Together.

There are some stores that offer cooking class. There are also online options.

24. Build a fire pit and make s’mores

Toast s’mores over a fire. Try different fixings for a new taste experience. Instead of graham crackers, try buttery Ritz crackers. Use strawberry slices with the chocolate and marshmallows.

25. Stargaze in your Own Backyard.

Once the kids are in bed, step outside and look at the stars.

date night bucket list ideas bingo printable

What date night ideas are you most looking forward to? Do you have any favorite date night bucket list ideas?

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