10 Perfect Outside of the Box Ideas for At Home Date Nights

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Date nights with your partner to connect when you can't leave your house! Don't miss these out of the box ideas for at home date nights with your partner!

at home date nights when you are so busy

Spending time with your partner isn't just for these great Valentine's Day date ideas and date nights don't have to break the bank.

While you are stuck at home, you may be stuck on finding some romantic date night solutions that don't require you to leave the house.

If this is you, try out these 10 at home date night ideas when you're too busy to leave the house.

At Home Date Nights

1. Have a Restaurant Experience at Home

If you already cook at home, just add a couple of flourishes to make the evening special.

Set the table for a romantic meal and create a menu of the night's preparations. It makes a nice keepsake of a special night.

If you are having food delivered to your doorstep, turn it into a fun event by pretending to have a catered multi-course meal.

It's the perfect at home date night idea!

10 Perfect Outside of the Box Ideas for At Home Date Nights 1

2. Cook Together

Cooking makes for some great at home date night ideas.

Instead of being in the kitchen alone over while your partner waits in hungry anticipation. turn the activity into a fun date night.

10 Perfect Outside of the Box Ideas for At Home Date Nights 2

Make the evening more about the journey than the destination. Cooking together is great for building communication and bonding.

3. DIY Luxury Spa Experience

Set the stage in your most luxurious bathroom for a one-of-a-kind at-home spa experience.

Use candles, aromatherapy, a curated meditative playlist, bath salts, massage oils, foot baths, and anything you can get your hands on that will round out the ultimate spa experience in your own home.

4. Game Night With a Twist

Game night might be one of the most overlooked at-home date night ideas, but it doesn't have to be playing Charades with the neighbors, or playing Go Fish with the kids.

10 Perfect Outside of the Box Ideas for At Home Date Nights 3

Game night can mean bringing arcade fun to you. Playing co-op video games makes a fun and exciting date night if you are a couple that likes to play.

You can also pull out the board games and play two player games together!

See? At home date night ideas don't have to be hard!

5. At-Home Lounge

Turn a secluded area of your home into a quiet retreat where you can enjoy cocktails and get cozy with each other.

Don't want cocktails? No worries! Coffee and tea are also great options!

10 Perfect Outside of the Box Ideas for At Home Date Nights 4

It takes very little prep, but as you clean up remember mood lighting and music to complete the ambiance.

Try these cocktails and mocktails to get you started!

6. Drive-In Movie

Need more date night ideas?

If you are tech-savvy, you can create an in-home drive-in movie experience by projecting a good date movie on the wall of your garage.

You can do this inside or out on the driveway as long as you have the right equipment.

10 Perfect Outside of the Box Ideas for At Home Date Nights 5

You can wireless broadcast audio over the radio just like they do at the classic Drive-In Theaters.

7. Share an Evening Under the Stars

If you have a good outdoor space, now is the time to use it.

The weather is clearing up and getting warmer, so you could enjoy a pleasant evening out in the open air.

Convert your deck, patio, or porch into a date night atmosphere and connect in the moonlight.

Want more date night at home ideas?

8. Read to Each Other

Conversation is not always easy, or necessary in a dating scenario.

One simple hack to keep a dialogue going is to let your favorite author do the talking for you. read poetry, a chapter from a novel, or even a magazine.

10 Perfect Outside of the Box Ideas for At Home Date Nights 6

Reading together, or to each other is an under-appreciated way to connect.

9. Begin a Home Improvement Project

Another great bonding experience for a date is to get to work on your dreams for the future.

Nothing says building a future together like getting started on a long-wished-for project.

Rarely does a date night yield such an opportunity for productivity.

10. Plan a Vacation

If you can't get to work on a big project at home, another fantastic approach to at home date night ideas is to dream of where you would like to go on your next vacation.

Talk about what you would do.

Even go so far as planning your whole itinerary.

10 Perfect Outside of the Box Ideas for At Home Date Nights 7

Date night ideas at home don't have to be complicated to keep the spark alive in your marriage. Need encouragement? Here are my favorite Scriptures for your marriage.

What is your favorite at home date night idea? Share below in the comments!

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