Hiding God’s Word in the Hearts of Your Children

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Hiding God's Word in the Hearts of Your Children while learning new vocabulary, and working on fine motor skills, letter sounds, and letter formation.

Hiding God's Word in the Hearts of Your Children
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Homeschooling this year has been hard. My oldest doesn't understand why she can't go play with her younger siblings. I'm having a hard time balancing homeschooling with keeping up with the house, cooking, working, and just life in general. We are pushing through and will definitely be doing year-round school. For the sake of simplicity {and my sanity}, I have been utilizing curriculums that serve a dual purpose.

I was super excited when I learned that Trisha and Luke from Intoxicated on Life were coming out with a Junior version of their Write Through the Bible Series. Not only does it help with writing, but also letter sounds, fine motor skills, vocabulary, and of course Bible memory.

Anything that I can do to help my children hide God's Word in their hearts is a must have in my book.

Hiding God's Word in the Hearts of Your Children

Hiding God's Word in the Hearts of Your Children | A Curriculum for Busy Moms

With Write Through the Bible, Junior,  you can complete several subjects at once. This curriculum will allow you to teach your child to write, discuss new vocabulary words, dig deep into the Word of God, and memorize a long passage of scripture together.

Not only that, but there is virtually no preparation! There aren’t any involved crafts that take weird supplies. Everything you need for this curriculum you probably already have at home.


This program was designed to incorporate several subjects in one. Below are a few things your child will learn as they work through this book:

  • Improve fine motor coordination
  • Learn letter sounds
  • Learn how to form letter
  • Memorize Philippians 2:1-18
  • Learn new vocabulary words
  • Study Philippians 2:1-18 and learn what it means to have a heart of humility.


Write Through the Bible, Junior is available in a number of options you can choose from.


Bible Translation

  • KJV
  • ESV


  • Ball-and-Stick Manuscript
  • D’Nealian Manuscript
  • Cursive
Hiding God's Word in the Hearts of Your Children 1

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