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Felt Sunflower Craft for Kids

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Fall and sunflowers just seem to go together.

This felt sunflower craft would be great as a gift to grandparents, teacher appreciation gifts, or to decorate your mantel for Fall.

I suggest an adult cut out the pieces and let the kids assemble the flowers. They will love it. I have included affiliate links to help make shopping so much easier.

Felt Sunflower Craft for Kids

Sunflower Craft Felt and Scissors

Supplies needed:
Yellow, green, and brown craft felt
Hot glue sticks
Hot glue gun
Small terra cotta pot
Green pipe cleaner

1. Begin by cutting the petals out of the yellow felt. Large ovals will do just fine.
2. Now, cut out smaller green ovals from the green felt. Use the scissors to fringe the edges to make them look more real.

Sunflower Craft Supplies
3. Cut out small brown circles perfect for the center of the sunflower.
4. You can now assemble your sunflowers. Fan out the petals to create the flower and glue the brown circle at the center. Allow to dry.

Sunflower Flowers
5. Glue the flower head to the end of the pipe cleaner. Add some small green leaves to the stem.

Sunflower ready for the pot
6. Once your flower is dry, assemble the sunflower into the terra cotta flower pot. You can tuck some tissue paper into the pot to help old the stems in place.

Finished Sunflower Craft

Your felt sunflowers are now ready to be displayed!

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