Sunflower Life Cycle: Fun Science Mini Coloring Book with 4 Activities

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Flowers are so much fun to grow, but learning about flowers can be just as much fun for kids! Our free printable science mini coloring book will teach kids all about the sunflower life cycle! This is a great printable mini-book to use while planting sunflowers in your spring garden too!

Sunflower Life Cycle: Fun Science Mini Coloring Book with 4 Activities 1

Not only will this sunflower life cycle book teach your kids about sunflower plants but it will also help them practice writing skills and fine motor skills! It's a great free resource to captivate younger kid's interest in science and the world around them!

Tactile learning skills can help a child's growth and understanding as it allows multiple senses to be heightened in the learning process. This increases their ability to remember what they have learned!

At the bottom of this post is our free printable mini-book! Just open the link and print! You can even create a special activity binder for your kids and include this printable science mini coloring book inside!

Sunflower Life Cycle: Fun Science Mini Coloring Book with 4 Activities 2

Our free printable science mini-book includes:

  • Black and White Handwriting Practice Coloring Pages
  • Cut and Paste the Life Cycle – Pictures
  • Cut and Paste Label the Life Cycle – Words
  • Sunflower Life Cycle Match

You can use markers, crayons, colored pencils, and even paints to decorate your printable coloring book!

Four Basic Steps in the Life Cycle of a Sunflower:

Sunflower Life Cycle: Fun Science Mini Coloring Book with 4 Activities 3
  1. Sunflower seeds will help you grow a new plant!
  2. As the seed (affiliate link) grows it turns into a sprout.
  3. As the sprout grows it turns into a plant!
  4. As the plant grows it turns into a beautiful sunflower!

How to Grow Sunflowers with Your Kids:

Kids remember learning activities best when you create tactile activities to go with them! The easiest way to do that is to grow sunflowers with your kids! Whether you choose to start your flowers in a cup, garden planter, or corner of your yard, growing sunflowers is also a great responsibility lesson for your kids to care for!

Begin by using some potting soil in a garden planter or digging a small hole in a pocket of your garden. Let the kids place the seed (affiliate link) in and cover it back up. Then add water! Water daily and measure the plant as it grows! If you're growing the huge mammoth sunflowers you may need to add a stake as it grows to help it stay tall and strong!

Sunflowers generally do not need fertilizer as long as you have decent soil. They are pretty easy to grow and can attract butterflies, bees, and other pollinators in your garden!

Sunflower Life Cycle: Fun Science Mini Coloring Book with 4 Activities 4

How Growing Plants with Your Kids Promotes Responsibility:

Much like having a pet, growing plants can cultivate pride of ownership and care for children. It's a great cause and effect lesson that allows children to bond with nature! Have your child follow specific directions for planting their flowers promotes developmental skills. It will be reinforced daily as they water their plant and potentially troubleshoot any problems that arise with its growth.

Sunflower Life Cycle: Fun Science Mini Coloring Book with 4 Activities 5

You can extend this learning into discussions on pollinators, business potentials (selling flowers and seeds), food sources, and other plant-related topics that might interest your child.

Tips to Extend Learning with Your Free Printable Sunflower Life Cycle Book

Sunflower Life Cycle: Fun Science Mini Coloring Book with 4 Activities 6

1. Laminate your book and use it again next year!

This sunflower life cycle book can be used year after year as a reference! Every spring, let your children pick out their sunflower seeds and pull out their free printable sunflower life cycle book!

2. Plant sunflowers in your spring garden!

Kids love digging in the dirt and what better to learn about the life cycle of a sunflower plant than to watch it grow! All you'll need to get started is a pot, some dirt, sunflower seeds, and water! I recommend the Mammoth Sunflower seeds – kids love seeing the flowers get bigger than they are!

3. Plan a crafting week around sunflowers!

Thank goodness for Pinterest and Google! Just type in “sunflower crafts” and you'll be greeted with bright yellow flower crafts of all kinds! Pick out one or two activities a day to do! Paint beautiful canvas artwork, decorate your windows, create a sunflower from felt, or sunflower themed sensory bins! 

4. Dissect a real sunflower!

Whether you have the opportunity to drive to a local sunflower patch, wait for your sunflowers to grow, or pick up a bouquet at your local florist, dissecting a real sunflower provides fun learning opportunities for your kids! You can even eat the sunflower seeds if you've got the right sunflower plant!

sunflower life cycle - seeds sprouting plant sunflower

Download our free printable sunflower life cycle book here!

The great thing about this sunflower printable life cycle sheets is that you can use whatever supplies you have on hand! Just grab a pencil to start! Other fun craft supplies to enhance your learning and craft time are things like googly eyes, feathers, construction paper, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, craft foam, and more!

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