Adorable First Day of School Printable Signs To Document The New School Year

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I love the trend of First Day of School Signs. It eliminates the need to guess which school year it is. Grab your First Day of School Printable Signs below!

It’s that time of year. Time to print out your free first day of school printables for First Day of School pictures to document the 2019-2020 school year!

Have you been filling up shopping carts with school supplies? Planning school lunch box meals? Trying on last year’s clothing (affiliate link) to see what still fits? Back to school comes with a rush of preparation, but I hope that these free First Day of School printable signs will make one task simpler. 

It’s hard to believe my little guy is going to be a kindergartener. I mean — how did that happen? I’m guessing that you are asking yourself that same question about your own kids.

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Document the School Year with These First Day of School Free Printables

As a kid, did you take photos on the first day of school? My brother and I did. Of course, I don't know that it would be very easy to determine exactly which year is which — unless the back of the photo was dated (you know, in the days when we had to develop film in order to have a picture).

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I really like the recent Back to School trend of First Day of School Signs. It eliminates the need to guess which school year is being celebrated and makes a fun photo prop, perfect for sharing on social media.

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I mean, seriously, how great is that photo? Let's be honest, that's how most of the photos turned out — a typical five-year-old wiggling, laughing and goofing off. I could fill an entire photo album with the outtakes (and I probably will), but we got some sweet smiles in the mix.

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See? There is that sweet little-boy smile! You'll notice he's holding the “First Grade” sign in this photo, instead of the “Kindergarten” sign. Most of the printables look like the “First Grade” sign since they include a two-word phrase (Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, etc.).

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If you want to get even more creative with Back to School photos, add another prop in addition to the signs. Photo props can increase a child’s excitement about taking pictures because, let’s be honest, sometimes they just aren’t into it. Instead, they can interact with the prop which just might make the entire photo-taking experience a little more relaxed.

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I chose our Growth Chart (read more about that project here) as a prop for several of the photos. After all, the best thing about Back to School pictures is seeing how a child has grown. However, there are so many different props that you could use in a Back to School photo. Get creative with your child’s First Day of School photo — and have fun.


First Day of School Printable Signs
Growth Chart
Chalkboard with Stats (age, height, weight, etc.)
Stack of Books (or BIG textbooks for a little kid to carry)
Wooden Letters in the Child’s Initials
School Paraphernalia (pom-poms, pennant banner, etc.)
Globes or Maps

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The key, though, is that photo props and printables should make documenting life simpler. Does your child hate having photos taken? Grab some photo props. Do you forget to organize and date photos? Have your child hold a printable sign. Are mornings crazy at your home? Take First Day of School photos on the weekend or in the afternoon after they get home. Let the focus of photos be about celebrating life — and not finishing a to-do list.

How do you celebrate and document the first day Back to School with your family?

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