LuLaRoe Clothing for Kids 5 Reasons Why Busy Moms Love to Buy Them

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Having four kids, shopping for kids clothing (affiliate link) is one of my least favorite things. Here are 5 reasons why busy moms should buy LuLaRoe clothing (affiliate link) for kids.

I am a busy mom, with four kids.

Over the summer, set out on an epic adventure across the United States to see more of the US and make memories. Our adventure started by packing up everything and putting it in storage. Then we headed southwest to start our road trip along the West Coast.

LuLaRoe Clothing for Kids 5 Reasons Why Busy Moms Love to Buy Them 1

We spent the better part of three months living out of suitcases and moving around, mostly by car. This means 3 months of luggage was crammed into our car, and we had three months of doing laundry on the road. We stayed in hotels and motels and one notable, and rather lengthy, stay with family before heading to our new home. Let me say that confining four kids and two adults in a mini-van for three months is no small task.

There was one thing I didn’t have to worry about though, even with kids tend to be picky.

LuLaRoe clothing for kids Back to School (5 of 10)

Clothes. LuLaRoe kindly sent me clothing (affiliate link) from their Back to School Line to try out. While I have a couple of pairs of their buttery soft leggings for me, we hadn’t tried their kid’s clothing line yet. These are the pieces of clothing that my kids grab first from their closet now.

What is LuLaRoe?

In case you have been on a social media hiatus for the past 5 years or so, LuLaRoe is a company that burst onto the Facebook group party scene with brightly patterned leggings and has grown into a full-family clothing line. With leggings still a part of the picture, other offerings include dresses for kids and adults, layering pieces and coats and some handsome options for the man in your life.

LuLaRoe Back to School (8 of 10)

Independent consultants dot the landscape of the Facebook feed, with an endless number of entrepreneurial people ready to help you outfit your children, and the rest of your family. Some consultants will even get to know your family and their needs and help you select the best colors, patterns, and sizes for your crew. (LuLaRoe Martin Party is AMAZING at this.)

Let’s focus on the kids for one minute though, because let’s be frank here: with 4 of them, I can spend my whole day doing laundry or picking up clothes off the floor at home. On the road, trying to keep everybody dressed, somewhat coordinated and keep it all contained and clean can be even more of a battle.

5 Reasons Why LulaRoe Clothing for Kids is Such a Blessing for Busy Moms


With so many patterns and color choices, you are bound to find something that will thrill even the pickiest dresser to bits. Consultants get to know you and your family, something that regular retail shops normally do not. If you have favorite colors or patterns, tell your consultant and you might just get a heads up when the perfect piece comes in for you!

There are lots of options, which is nice.

LuLaRoe Back to School (2 of 10)

Of course, there are kids leggings, but there is so much more!

A couple of the lines like the Gracie Top, Kids Leggings, Monroe Jacket, Sloan Top, and Thor Shirt (affiliate link), my girls and boys can share. There are dresses like the Adeline Dress, Mae Dress, and the Scarlett Dress, and the Kids Azure Skirt. My youngest loves her Sariah Cardigan, and LuLaRoe also has a super cute Bianka Kimono.

LuLaRoe Back to School (7 of 10)


The number of outfits you can get from just a few pieces of their children’s clothing selection can keep you from having to do laundry every day. Layer leggings with a Sariah and a Mae for a colder day, or just rock the Mae on a warmer day!

LuLaRoe Back to School (6 of 10)


Children grow QUICKLY. Some of LuLaRoe’s pieces can be worn differently (depending on the sizing) as your child grows. What starts as a dress can grow into a tunic that you can layer with leggings. A Sariah, which is a long-style cardigan, can be worn long but also looks great at knee-length as your child grows.

LuLaRoe Back to School (9 of 10)

Let me also add here that even my kids who are sensitive to how clothing feels, love their LuLaRoe kid’s clothing. The only complaint they have is the tag, so we have to cut those off. But that is a super easy fix.


Most kids love colors. I have one kid who wears as many colors and patterns as she can possibly pack into one outfit. If I let her wear more than one sweater, she probably would. Having a bright variety for her to select her daily duds is essential, and LuLaRoe can absolutely provide that for her!

LuLaRoe Back to School (4 of 10)


On occasion, they also offer coordinating Mommy and Me outfit options. You know, for those people whose children still allow them to do things like dressing them in matching outfits. They even have outfits for the whole family you can coordinate! Matching your kids for holidays like Easter, Christmas, or a family vacation to the happiest place on earth, Walt Disney World (or Disneyland).

LuLaRoe Back to School (1 of 10)

LuLaRoe is one of our favorite choices to spice up the kids’ wardrobe, and we love our consultant! Do you need to find a consultant? Check the LuLaRoe website here to find one near you!

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