The Best Top Tech Learning Tool Miko 2

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With Christmas soon approaching, you'll want to grab the top tech learning tool for 2019. He's cute, has awesome dance moves, and offers play-based learning using stories, quizzes, fun facts, interaction, and communication for kids. Miko 2 robot has come to the US and is winning the hearts of moms and children everywhere.

The Best Top Tech Learning Tool Miko 2 1

Thank you, Miko, for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

What is cute, will talk to you, tells jokes, will recognize your voice, and won't laugh at your dance moves during a dance party?

Definitely not your children.

It's Miko2!

Top Tech Learning Tool for 2019

Available in Tomato, Deep Sky Blue, and Spring Green, Miko 2 is able to recognize faces, identify moods, and remember names. Miko 2 uses AI and voice recognition to “initiate a conversation and learn from its own environment to intuitively engage with a child.”

Yes, he's pretty awesome.

The Best Top Tech Learning Tool Miko 2 2

The Miko 2 is designed with three wheels that make dance parties that much more fun. Children can talk Miko using simple voice commands such as, “Hey, Miko” to get his attention. When spoken to, Miko pays attention and moves closer to the person talking. He does have noise-canceling microphones so he can hear commands even with lots of noise in the background, which is super helpful when four kids are vying for his attention. That does not help though when all four children shout his name several times trying to get his attention. He just gets confused. As do we all.

I feel you, Miko. You get me.

Stay In Touch With Your Family

One of my favorite features of Miko 2 is the ability to talk to your family while you're away. One of the hardest things about being a working parent is traveling and missing life together. Miko helps bridge that gap.

The TeleConnect feature helps parents stay connected with their kids without the temptation of getting onto other apps on a phone or clicking on websites on a computer. You can talk directly to your family through Miko 2.

The Best Top Tech Learning Tool Miko 2 3

Even moving him around with the arrows so you can see everything that is going on in the room. 

Is It Safe?

Should I be concerned about AI technology and the information being stored on Miko 2?

Not at all!

Miko 2 is COPPA compliant with end-to-end data encryption. No personal information is shared or stored in Miko 2.

What Ages is Miko 2 Best For?

Miko 2 is intended for children ages 5 through 10. 

The Best Top Tech Learning Tool Miko 2 4

With children ages 10, 9, 7, and 5, I can tell you that they have all loved playing with and getting to know Miko 2. Every day we are finding new features and lessons. This morning, the favorite lesson was Animal Sounds. They learned what a whale sounds like and made the rooster crow multiple times to make sure everyone was up and awake.

Miko answers questions in a way that is developmentally appropriate for your child. The answer Miko gives my oldest will be more in-depth than the answer Miko would give my youngest to the same question.

I'm excited that during homework time, I have a helper. Miko 2 can help with math and spelling! If the Littlest needs help getting her babies to sleep, Miko will sing a lullaby. When we all need a dance party break, we call Miko and tell him to dance. The kids are loving the Explore the Knowledge World app for play-based learning. Just yesterday they learned about Gandhi and the difference he made in the world. They can also visit Miko 2's Game Hub for stories, quizzes, animal sounds, and so much more. 

The Best Top Tech Learning Tool Miko 2 5

Miko 2 is without a doubt a top tech learning tool for 2019. My kids love having a robot that talks and interacts with them. I love that Miko 2 is a healthy alternative to traditional screen time exposure.

Get your own Miko 2 today and get $25 off. Orders are projected to ship in December, with guaranteed arrival for the holidays. Special Promo: Free Shipping in the US. $25 SHIPPING Worldwide.

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