5 Great Life Lessons You Can Learn From Putt-Putt

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Our daughter has been begging us to go play putt-putt for months. She's 4. Every time we would attempt this adventure, it would rain. I would think she forgot about putt-putt and she would bring it up again. Our kids are 4, 2.5, and 15 months. Can you imagine? Do you really think they would last through 18 holes of mini golf? Yeah, me either. But she was so excited about the possibility of playing. So we waited until a non-rainy day. These days, that wasn't easy.

As we were playing, I began thinking that this experience was a lot like life. Here are 5 life lessons that we can learn from playing putt putt.

5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Putt-Putt

The best things in life are free. 

In this case, it was a coupon for a free round of mini-golf. Not just for one person either. 2 adults and up to 4 children!! I seriously thought it was a typo and they were going to make us pay something. Nope. FREE!

Patience is key. 

It never fails. The group in front of you always spends triple time at the hole in front of you and you have to wait. This isn't an easy lesson for small children, but important. Waiting is hard but so worth it.

You have to think outside the box. 

The goal of mini golf is to get the ball in the hole. While my husband and I followed the rules of the game, our oldest son would walk up to the hole with his ball in hand and drop it in. Our daughter would start out hitting the ball but would usually pick it up and move it to a better location. She was also known to pick up my ball and move it for me. Which I didn't mind ;).

Life is full of distractions. 

There was always something vying for the attention of my kids. Whether it was the waterfall, the stream running through the course, the nearby go-karts, or the people around us. It was hard for them to stay focused. As their parents, it is our responsibility to teach them to keep their eyes on Jesus. The world will try to tempt them and distract them with the desires of the flesh. But only Jesus will satisfy.

Sometimes you have to take a detour. 

We got to hole 8 and my daughter announced she had to go potty. It's kind of a strange set-up, but this place is entirely outside, located just outside of a mall. The only restrooms we knew about were inside the mall. There was a group behind us so we couldn't just wait. Our oldest son was having more fun trying to get the attention of the group in front of us than actually hitting the little orange ball. We made an executive decision to make a detour and skip to hole 15. Twelve holes were really their max at this point, so this actually worked out well.

Any thoughts? What are some life lessons you can take away from a game of mini golf?

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  1. great lessons! many of us would just get frustrated and lose patience trying to play mini-golf with little ones. Thank you for reminding us to slow down and enjoy the journey, and learn a little something along the way.
    (stopping by via Fellowship Fridays)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I can’t say I would have paid to play mini golf with our little ones, but it was fun for free :).

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