Let’s Hit the Pause Button this Season

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Let's Hit the Pause Button this Season

You guys made me laugh over on Facebook when I would ask if anyone was already listening to Christmas music. Granted this was before Thanksgiving. This year I broke my “No Christmas Music before Thanksgiving” rule.


Because it doesn’t seem to last that long. Not long enough.

I count my blessings in November and try to instill thankfulness in my children. We share a meal with friends, or some years,  family. Then it’s like warp speed to Christmas Day, and it’s done. Over. See you next year.

Let's Hit the Pause Button this Season 1

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We miss all the Walk Through Bethlehem’s at local churches. The Nutcracker Tea which you would think would be in December isn’t. It’s in November. Maybe next year I will remember this and plan ahead.

In years past, I have begged that we keep our Christmas tree up until Epiphany. I want to enjoy it longer. We get so busy and distracted during this season. We can forget the true meaning of the season and replace it with fluff.

But this year.

This year can be different.

Let’s hit the pause button this season. Let us turn off all the distractions around us. Turn off the television. Put down your phone. Close the laptop lid. Grab a warm drink and sit in the glow of your Christmas tree. Look at the ornaments. Reflect on years past.

Stop and listen. Embrace the quiet that so rarely happens.

Reflect on the true reason for Christmas. Let’s be intentional this year in how we spend our time and in our relationships.

What are some ways you will choose to be intentional this season?

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