Top Ten Favorites from Trader Joe’s

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Top Ten Favorites from Trader Joe's

1. Fresh Cut Flowers. We can not leave the store without buying fresh cut flowers there. My daughter won't let us. She LOVES flowers. And Trader Joe's has them at great prices.

2. Coconut Milk and/or Almond Milk. Some weeks we buy coconut milk and some weeks almond. It really just depends on our personal preference at that moment in the store. No rhyme or reason really. They are both really good.

3. Organic Frozen Peas. My husband doesn't like peas, so we don't usually eat them as a side dish for meals. My kids LOVE to eat frozen peas for a snack or with their lunches. They love them and peas are healthy. It's a win-win!

4. Roasted Seaweed Snack. While the smell of the roasted seaweed makes me gag, this is another snack my kids devour. They LOVE it! My son will get a few sheets, but if I don't watch my daughter, she will eat the whole package. Seriously.

5. Handmade Tortillas. Before we went gluten free, I would buy two packages at a time. Delicious! Now we buy the corn tortillas. They aren't quite as yummy, but they are great for a quick lunch of cheese quesadillas.

6. Gluten Free Macaroni and Cheese. It was a sad day when my kids couldn't have regular macaroni and cheese. I was really excited to find the Trader Joe's version made with rice pasta. I've tried adding hamburger meat or peas to make it “healthier” but my kids didn't go for it. I tried.

7. Kerrygold Butter. We use real butter or coconut oil in our house. Never margarine. Kerrygold is butter comes from grass-fed cows. So yummy. I can't buy any other butter now. Try it. You'll love it!

8. Organic Bananas. While this may seem silly to some, our kids sometimes eat two to three bunches of bananas in a week. We need cheap bananas but I really try to buy organic whenever possible. At Trader Joe's, this is possible.

9. Lara Bars. I did recently find packages of Lara Bars at Target which would make each bar $1 each. At Trader Joe's I think they are about $1.29. While not cheap, these make great “on the go” snacks. Unfortunately not good snacks for Sunday School though. Oops! We now send applesauce packets, fruit, or Pirate Popcorn. We can get flavors at TJ's that Target doesn't carry. Like Apple Pie and Cherry Pie. The Peanut Butter is my favorite though.

10. Coconut Milk Yogurt.  I've never been a big yogurt eater, but my kids love it. Dairy seems to mess with their tummies, so I really try to limit it. Until I can figure out how to make my own coconut milk yogurt, we will continue to buy the one from Trader Joe's. The kids love to add Chia Seeds to theirs too (we also get those at TJ's).

So there you go. 10 grocery items that we always buy at Trader Joe's. I'm sure there are others. Like the hormone free turkey lunch meat, and the nitrate free hot dogs. But hopefully, this at least gives you an idea of what Trader Joe's carries and maybe started your shopping list.

What do you buy at Trader Joe's?

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