God Moments: Adoption

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ComingSoon Adoption Spotlight

Have you ever seen or read something and known exactly what God wants you to do? I didn't audibly hear God say, “Do this.” But I've been wanting to do something and He gave me the idea.

I was going through my Facebook newsfeed when I saw it. My friend shared a video from a family who was adopting. Adoption. Such an amazing picture of how we are adopted as sons and daughters into God's family. How can we, as the church, not adopt or support those who are adopting? I always thought that maybe I would make something or sell something and donate part of my proceeds to families who are adopting. But I'm not in a season where it's easy to make or sell things. So I set the idea aside.

I read the story of the family, and cried looking at the pictures of their sweet girl as she saw pictures of her forever family for the first time. Can you imagine living in an orphanage and seeing your forever family for the first time? A family to love you and never leave you? Amazing.

And I knew that I wanted to help share these amazing stories. Stories of God's provision. Stories of God's love. Stories of God knitting these families together. They aren't all butterflies and sunshine. The waiting is heartbreaking. The journey is hard. Fighting through red tape and lies can be exhausting. These families need our prayers. Just as Aaron and Hur held up the arms of Moses in Exodus 17:12, we need to lift up these families as they fight to bring home their children.

So, what do you think? Are you ready? I can't wait to see how God uses this monthly series to bless us and the families who are in the spotlight. AHHH! I am SO EXCITED!!

We will start in September and I promise you will fall in love with this little girl and her family. They have an amazing story to share. You will be blessed.

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