Exploring Our World with Little Passports

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Exploring our world with Little Passports
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**I received this Welcome Kit from to review. All opinions are my own.**

I have been counting down the days until my daughter was old enough to really enjoy Little Passports. I first learned about them when she was just a baby and had to show self-control to not buy the first kit then and there. Even in the midst of sleepless nights I at least had some sense that it would all end up in her mouth instead of her actually learning anything.

Now, at age 4, she's ready. When the box arrived, she was super excited about her new suitcase from Paris. I'm not entirely sure why she thinks it's from Paris, France. Maybe she's been watching too much Aristocats.

With a heart for international missions, we want to teach our children about the world and other cultures at an early age. The Little Passports programs teaches children about the world in a fun and memorable way. Sam and Sofia, and your child become pen pals. Each month they send a packet full of fun facts and activities for the country they are in that month.

In case you aren't familiar with Little Passports, it's a monthly subscription that takes your child on an adventure with Sam and Sofia. There is the World Edition, which is recommended for children ages 5-10, that takes your child to a new country each month. Then there is the USA Edition, geared more for ages 7-12, that allows your child to explore all 50 states with Sam and Sofia.

Here is what is included in the World Edition Explorer Kit:

Little Passports World Edition

a letter from Sam and Sofia



stickers for the suitcase

access to online games


an activity sheet.

Little Passports Map

The first thing my daughter did was open up the map and ask about all the countries and where she lives. We then talked about all the countries that Mommy and Daddy have visited, and where some of our friends live. She loved it!

Little Passports Passport

Having her own special passport to join Sam and Sofia on their journeys, made it extra special. Of course she asked why it was empty. I told her that this month was just her getting to meet Sam and Sofia. The activity sheet will give us clues as to where they are headed next month.

Little Passports Online Games

While she really liked the concept of online games and was super excited to use Mommy's computer, she wasn't quite old enough for them. I tried out the trivia and only got 5 out of 10 correct. This would be perfect for older children and excellent to supplement geography. I enjoyed playing the games myself.

I have been dreaming of the day that I could introduce my children to Little Passports. The day did not disappoint. My daughter loves it! Even today she told me that she was Sofia, her brother was Sam, and they were going on an adventure to the Eiffel Tower. The program has obviously made a big impact.

Which edition would you prefer, the World Edition or the USA Edition? Have you ever used Little Passports with your children? I'd love to hear your experiences!

Little Passports

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  1. This looks awesome!! I love anything educational! Great post, Whitney! Thanks for sharing!!

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