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7 Ways to Turn Your Day Around

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7 Ways to Turn Your Day Around in the Midst of Crazytown

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Fiber One® through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Fiber One®, all opinions are my own.

Picture this.

You wake up with your kids, herd everyone to the kitchen for breakfast, fumbling trying to make coffee. Your mind wanders thinking about drinking that first cup when it starts. The baby is pulling on your leg trying to take you who knows where. Your oldest is asking you how airplanes stay up in the air when they are so large, as well as questions about how babies get in your belly. Then your middle two children go from sharing and playing together to screaming and crying in 2.8 seconds. All over one toy that you just so happen to have two of anyway.

All you want to do is crawl back into your warm bed and hide under the covers with your coffee and a good book. A chance to start over the day completely. But that’s impossible. Right?

Maybe not.

Turn Your Day Around

1 Send the kids to the backyard. When the noise level in the house is at decibels high enough to break glass, send them outside. Enjoy the quiet and solitude for 5 minutes, breathing in the alone time, and then go outside and join them.

2 Mandatory quiet time. While they don’t have to sleep, everyone has to observe quiet time for a designated time that you set each day. You can have that be movie time in the living room. It can look like reading time in their beds. This will look different for each family, but it’s a good time to enforce for your sanity.

3 Tea Time. Incorporate a mid-afternoon teatime into your day. Your children will anticipate this fun treat and you’ll have a moment to sit down and enjoy a few moments of time together while drinking your favorite tea or lemonade.

FiberOne Streusel Tea Time

4 Steal quiet moments in the bathroom. Go into the bathroom and lock the door behind you. It will only be a few moments as children have a bathroom radar. They can be playing outside in the far corner of the yard but they know the moment you step foot into the bathroom, because in .02 seconds they will be standing at the door knocking and asking you 10 million questions. It won’t be long, but enough time to breathe without someone hanging on you.

5 Go for a walk. It is amazing what time outside will do for the body. The sunshine. The fresh air. It may take you one hour to get everyone out the door for a 15 minute walk, but it’s worth it. Really.

6 Mommy snack break. On your next trip to the grocery store, buy a treat reserved only for you. Will the kids beg you for a bite and try to eat the whole thing? Of course. But don’t let them. This is for YOU.

FiberOne Streusel Mommy Snack

Fiber One® Streusel bar is a great snack during a long day. Steal your quiet moment and savor your treat. You can even pretend you’re enjoying it in a tiny bakery far, far away. I won’t tell.

7 Decompress at the end of the day. After the kids are in bed, enjoy your favorite calming tea, decaf coffee, or other relaxing beverage, and run a hot bath with Epsom salts sprinkled throughout. The stress of the day will melt away, the magnesium will help you relax, and you can enjoy the quiet of the night. (At least until the baby wakes up screaming or the toddler has an accident in their bed.)

No has ever said that motherhood is easy, but it is easier to know that we aren’t alone in this hard season. It simply takes us recognizing when and where we need 5-minute breaks in the day to turn our day around.

What are three things you can do today to help turn your day around?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by General Mills through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Fiber One’s® Brownies & Bars, all opinions are my own.

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