Bunchems: The Uncrafty Mom Will Love This Crafty Solution

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Do your kids beg to do arts and crafts but even the thought of the mess makes you twitch? There is a crafty solution for the uncrafty mom.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Albert Einstein


Free play has always been a large part of the playtime in our house. Providing open-ended craft supplies, toys, dress-up clothes, and anything that will spark the imagination. I'm always surprised at just how creative they can be. My dream was to have bins with lots of craft supplies right at their fingertips.

But the reality of having four kids with open craft supplies out and available every second of the day, sunk in when the older three got into my craft supplies while I was getting the baby down for a nap. Glitter, tiny foam balls, markers, colored pencils, pipe cleaners, it was everywhere.

How can one be crafty without the mess?

A Crafty Solution for the Uncrafty Mom

To the uncrafty mom who feels the pressure to be a crafty mom, remember that parenting is a journey unique to each individual. It's okay not to excel in every aspect, including crafting.

What truly matters is the love, care, and attention you give to your child. Craftiness is just one of the many ways to bond and create memories with your little one. If arts and crafts aren't your forte, focus on activities that you both enjoy and can share together.

Whether it's storytelling, outdoor adventures, or simply spending quality time, your child will cherish those moments with you more than any craft project. Embrace your strengths as a mom and find joy in the special moments you share with your child, crafting or not.

Remember, being a loving and present mom is what truly makes a difference in your child's life.

uncrafty mom bunchems on the table with little boy playing

Even if you aren't a crafty mom, you can pull out Bunchems and Bunchems Alive for hours of quiet play and soaring imagination. But before creating with Bunchems, make sure your hair is pulled back away from your child’s face.

For the best Bunchems experience, be sure to play on hard surfaces to avoid entanglement on any fibrous surfaces, such as carpets, or hair.


I'll admit I was skeptical at first. Would these squishy balls really fit together? How long would they hold the attention of my children? Turns out they LOVED THEM.

What are they?

Bunchems are colorful little balls that stick to each other and build like no other. Clean up is a breeze because they stick to each other. The kids loved sticking the balls to each other and following the directions that were included. They also created their own monster creatures using the included accessories.


The possibilities are limitless with Bunchems. They stick and stay, then pull apart easily for reimagined creations. Put them away and get them out the next day to create new creatures and creations. There's no surprise, Bunchems was awarded the 2016 Toy of the Year Award for Activities!


Squish the balls together, connect them, create new creations with Bunchems, and watch them come to life with NEW Bunchems Alive. This was a favorite. Everyone wanted to use the motorized Stick’em Ball to bring their creations to life. There are no limits to your creativity!


Unleash your creativity with Bunchems – the colorful, connective balls that stick together to bring your wildest imaginations to life! Whether you're sculpting adorable animals, building cool structures, or designing quirky characters, Bunchems offers endless possibilities for fun and play. No glue, no mess – just pure, vibrant fun for kids and kids at heart! Join the Bunchems craze and let your imagination run wild.

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