Help Kids Learn About The Chicken Life Cycle in 4 Steps

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Not only will this chicken life cycle book teach your kids about chickens and how they grow but it will also help them practice writing skills, fine motor skills, and other key developmental skills!

Baby chicks are a fun theme for spring learning (and even fall fun!) and our free printable science mini coloring book will teach kids all they need to know about the life cycle of a chicken!

You can use our free printable mini book for younger kids to start and then extend their learning with our additional ideas below! 

Help Kids Learn About The Chicken Life Cycle in 4 Steps 2

It’s a great learning tool to get your kids interested in learning about animals!

Our free printable science mini-book includes:

  • Black and White Handwriting Practice Coloring Pages
  • Cut and Paste the Chicken Life Cycle in Pictures
  • Cut and Paste Label the Chicken Life Cycle in Words
  • Chicken Life Cycle Matching Sheet

You can use markers, crayons, colored pencils and even paints to decorate your printable coloring book!

What Are the Four Basic Steps in a Chicken’s Life Cycle?

  1. An egg is first in the chicken life cycle!
  2. Then a baby chick hatches out of the egg!
  3. Those cute little fuzzy chicks grow up to a full-sized chicken!
  4. Chickens need a nest to lay their eggs in and start the cycle all over again!

Tips to Extend Learning with Your Free Printable Chicken Life Cycle Book

You may not be able to raise chickens with your kids so that they can watch the life cycle in their own backyard but there are plenty of ways to make a chicken’s life cycle come alive for your child!

Creating activities around the theme of chickens can be a fun tactile way for them to remember what they have learned!

Help Kids Learn About The Chicken Life Cycle in 4 Steps 3

Below are a few suggested extended learning activities that you can do after your child finishes their chicken life cycle book. It’s a great place to start if you don’t know how to add on some learning fun!

1. Take a trip to your local farm or farm store to look for chickens!

There’s nothing more exciting than listening to the chirping of new baby chicks! While you may not be ready to have backyard chickens, your local farm store or farm will probably have plenty to look at in the spring!

If you have a local family that sells fresh chicken eggs they’ll probably be delighted to let your kids stop by and learn about their chickens!

2. Watch a YouTube video to see chickens hatching!

If you can’t see real baby chicks you can still watch videos to learn about the chicken’s life cycle! Did you know that it takes an average of 21 days for a chicken to hatch?

If you want additional interesting learning videos to watch about chickens search for videos that talk about egg candling, varieties of chickens, and even different colors of chicken eggs!

3. Plan some chicken-themed craft activities!

Life cycles are popular to learn about in the spring and anything farm-related is popular in the fall, so doing chicken-themed craft activities with your kids is really in style all year long!

Turn your craft time into learning math activities by counting chicken eggs, doing egg scavenger hunts, and of course displaying your child’s artwork so everyone can see it!

If you extend your theme to include all farm animals and transportation (like tractors!) you’ll open up an endless amount of resources for learning and crafting with your kids!

Whether your kids love animals or big machines – there is plenty to learn about on a farm!

Help Kids Learn About The Chicken Life Cycle in 4 Steps 4

4. Print out 21 blank chicken eggs and have the kids design their own life cycle!

Printing out 21 blank chicken eggs and letting the kids draw each day’s development in the life cycle of a baby chick is a great way for kids to experience the time waiting for a chicken to hatch without actually having chickens!

Everyday research what a baby chick would look like then decorate your egg! Don’t forget to write which day number you are at in the life cycle!

Once your 21 days are done you can choose to hang up all 21 eggs in your window, pin a hula hoop to the wall and tape up the eggs in a clockwise pattern, or staple them together to create a flipbook about the life cycle of a chicken!

Do whatever works best for your family!

chicken life cycle printable activities

Download our free printable chicken life cycle book here!

The great thing about these free printable life cycle sheets is that you can use whatever supplies you have on hand!

Just grab a pencil to start! Other fun craft supplies to enhance your learning and craft time are things like googly eyes, feathers, construction paper, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, craft foam, and more!

Help Kids Learn About The Chicken Life Cycle in 4 Steps 5

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