Savoring the Mess

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I look forward to nap time. While only two of the four actually nap, I still relish in this time to recharge so we can get through until bedtime.

There was one particular day that I was really looking forward to nap time. I needed to clean up the house and put away laundry. I was hoping also to sit down and wrote some blog posts. But first I wanted to try my new nail polish. I had thrown away all the polish I had because they were gross. I couldn't remember when I bought them, but I had worn some in high school. It was beyond time to buy new.

Not all days go as planned.

Savoring the Mess

Savoring The Mess of This Season

I got everyone settled into their beds. They knew not to get out of their beds until I came to get them. The house was quiet. It was wonderful.

The baby started to get fussy because she was hungry. I started to nurse her and soak in her sweetness. I thought I heard something but dismissed it as the dog.

She finished and fell asleep. A nap sounded amazingly good, but I had so much I needed to get done.

I laid her down and walked into my bathroom to find my new nail polish.

It wasn't on the counter.

Then I heard a rustle in my closet.

I walked in to find my oldest son.

He was painting himself.

With my new nail polish.

Savoring the Mess Picture

I could not even form words I was so upset. He was as happy as a lark just painting away. It wasn't until we started scrubbing and it wouldn't come off that he started to panic. I tried everything to get it off. Non-toxic nail polish remover, hand sanitizer, vinegar, washcloth. I finally just put him in the tub to soak {which just for future reference is the first thing you should do}.

Of course by the time I thought to put him in the bath to soak, everyone was up. Oh, it was a mess.

Not how I had planned nap time to go.

They won't be little forever. This time will pass. Soon they won't “need” me. The day will come when my house is clean. No toys. No little clothes in a pile waiting to be put away or washed.

Which is why I am savoring the mess.

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  1. I consider myself a pretty laid-back person … but I feel like it’s getting harder for me to savor the mess instead of easier! My youngest is 18 months and has turned into a verifiable Toddlerzilla. He undoes anything I pick up or do and works to destroy everything in our apartment. It is exhausting and some days I would just like ONE CLEAN SPACE, you know?

    But some day, even in a few years from now, it will be clean. And he won’t be a gummy, silly, dancing toddler. Gotta cuddle him now.

  2. Oh, what a day! I hope it’ll some day be a funny story to share – for both of you! Thank you for being willing to share your heart! I look forward to reading more.

  3. Aw, good perspective, but it is so hard to remember to remember that. 🙂 I sure miss those napping days, too!

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