Bring Home Baby 7 Must-Haves When It’s Time

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Thank you, Maty’s Healthy Products, for being my partner for this post. When you're pregnant, there are constant voices telling you what you should and shouldn't do. What you should buy, what isn't worth it. What you should eat, what you shouldn't touch at all. Even strangers come up to you, rub your belly, and give unsolicited advice. So how do you sort out what is best for you and your family and what you can leave at the door?

It can be hard. Especially when it's family and friends giving advice.

Should I hire doula support

Remember, at the end of the day, it's going to be you and your family cozied up behind your front door. You have to do what's best for you and your family dynamic. Will people look at you like you're crazy if you don't follow a strict schedule? Probably. But if it works for you and your family, do it.

Don't miss this resource that includes practical advice as you prepare for bringing home baby.

What You Need After You Bring Home Baby

This could be long and extensive, but I'm only going to touch on the super basics. Babies actually don't require all the products and equipment the stores tell us they do. Are they nice? Yes. They are super convenient but they aren't always needed. Here's a list of seven things you will need when you bring home baby.

Newborn Baby Muslin Blanket

7 Must Haves

1. Diaper and wipes. Whether you are using disposable diapers and wipes or cloth diapers and cloth wipes, you want to make sure you have enough. Even when we cloth diapered, we used disposable diapers for the first few diaper changes until the meconium is out of their system.

2. Nursing Pillow. I used the My Brestfriend Nursing Pillow, at the suggestion of my lactation consultant, with all of my babies and it was a game changer. Breastfeeding, while natural, doesn't always come easily. My Brestfriend keeps baby's back straight, helps mama sit up without straining, and makes the nursing experience better all around.

Maty's All Natural Baby Chest Rub

3. Maty's Healthy Products All Natural Baby Chest Rub for ages 3 months and up. When I was pregnant with our first, I did a chemical purge of everything in our house. If it wasn't natural with ingredients I could pronounce, I didn't want it in my house. While part of that might have been extreme, it really made me think about the products we were putting on our skin that was being absorbed into our bodies. First colds are a given. Enjoy the snuggles and rest assured Maty's All Natural Baby Chest Rub will help your baby feel better, naturally.

Maty's Heathy Products Baby Chest Rub

4. Muslin blankets and burp cloths. Stock up on muslin blankets and burp cloths. They double as nursing covers, are perfect to cover baby when at the doctor and have to strip down, they are lightweight in the Summer, and double as burp cloths if you need them. We still use the muslin blankets to this day. They are the perfect sized travel blankets for kids – in the car and if you are traveling by plane.

5. Nail file. While some suggest nail clippers, a nail file is perfect for newborn nails and you won't have to worry about clipping their tiny fingers. A few of my babies were born with long fingernails and the nail file was the easiest way to make sure they didn't scratch themselves.

6. Maty's Healthy Products Baby Ointment. Sometimes baby's need a layer of protection on their tiny bottoms to make sure moisture doesn't irritate their delicate skin. You can apply Maty's Baby Ointment as many times as you need to! It's not just for diaper changes either. It can also be used for cradle cap, eczema, dry skin, chapped lips and so much more.

Maty's All Natural Baby Ointment

7. Sleepers. While we had super cute clothes to dress our babies in, they were most comfortable in sleepers, and they were pretty cuddly in them too. It was easier to put them in sleepers than changing shirts and pants that might be scratchy. Blow-out diapers are inevitable, so make sure you have enough outfits in rotation.

Bonus Items

Newborn Baby Sibling Hospital

Some other items you might need are a diaper bag with extra diapers and wipes, and two changes of clothes in gallon sized plastic bags. The plastic bags are to hold the soiled clothes after the diaper change. Of course, you will need a car seat before they will let you leave the hospital.

What are your must-have items for when you bring home baby?

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