Don’t Miss These 5 Tips for Better Sleep

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Need more sleep? Sleep is one of those things we need to survive and yet don't get enough of. Here are five tips for better sleep you can start tonight.

As a new mom, I kind of thought that eventually sleep would come. Maybe when my kids got older.

To some extent it did, but now lack of sleep is usually my own doing. I either get a second wind and try to do all the things because I can work or start and finish projects without interruption. It's amazing at the time until my alarm goes off at way too early in the morning so I can get everyone out the door in time for school.

Don't Miss These 5 Tips for Better Sleep 1

But guess what? When I do get good sleep, my day goes much smoother. I wake up feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle the day and any messes I might encounter. So I started making notes of things I did to help me sleep better. Maybe you are in the same boat. Let's both commit to better sleep habits.

5 Tips for Better Sleep

1. Sleep in a dark room.

While I do like being able to see at night without turning on the lights and rising to the sunshine peeking in through my bedroom window, it does not help me sleep. Those nights when I closed the blinds and pulled the curtains, I slept better. I noticed the same thing with my boys. They sleep better when the night light is off and the blackout curtains are up.

Don't Miss These 5 Tips for Better Sleep 2

How do I know? They don't end up in my bed.

2. No caffeine after 1 or 2 pm.

I KNOW! This one is hard. If you're having problems getting to sleep, try it. There's something to the theory of delayed caffeine reaction.

Don't Miss These 5 Tips for Better Sleep 3

3. Change your mattress. 

Of all the tips for better sleep, I could give you, this is the most important one. We bought a new mattress about two years ago. It was great at first, but more and more I was waking up and my whole body was sore.

That's why I was so excited DreamCloud found me and ask me to review their DreamCloud mattress with headboard and bedframe.

DreamCloud’s hybrid mattress is designed to offer you the perfect balance of comfort and support – whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach. This mattress offers luxury-level comfort with six layers of the softest and most supportive premium materials.

We have the DreamCloud mattress Bed Frame With Headboard and LOVE it!

Don't Miss These 5 Tips for Better Sleep 4

Six Layers of The Dreamiest Comfort with DreamCloud Mattress

The quilted euro top provides comfort and softness while the second layer is a gel-infused memory foam to help relax the body and provide relief for pressure points. Next is the support layer that provides a stable foundation for better body alignment. The pocketed innerspring coil helps promote breathability and temperature regulation for cool comfort. It’s designed with edge support stability and helps reduce motion transfer so your bedmate doesn't wake you up tossing and turning. The base support layer provides extra stability to the pocketed innerspring coils. Finally, we have the much-overlooked bottom mattress cover that helps your mattress stay in the correct place.

Don't Miss These 5 Tips for Better Sleep 5

Why DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress?

  • It comes with a 365 Night Trial to help you decide if DreamCloud is right for you.
  • There are handles on the sides that make moving the mattress SO EASY.
  • No more tossing and turning.
  • A better night's sleep.
  • It's easy to move and get into an apartment!

Still not sure? DreamCloud's Luxury Hybrid Mattresses are up to 80% off comparable retail brands you'll find in stores!

Don't Miss These 5 Tips for Better Sleep 6

4. Do not look at screens one hour prior to bedtime.

No computer screen. No cell phone. No television. There is something about the glow from the screen that causes sleep to be fleeting. Instead, grab a book and start reading before going to sleep. Even if it's just one chapter each night. You will notice a difference.

Instead of keeping your phone on the nightstand, put it in the bathroom or leave it downstairs. If you wake up in the middle of the night you won't be tempted to check your email or see if you missed something on social media. You can just get comfortable and go back to sleep.

If you have to be on a screen, find blue-blocking glasses.

5. Have a set bedtime.

Even though I may stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning working, it doesn't mean I am being productive. While I may finish the project, but it probably took me 3 times longer than it would have had I been well-rested.

Set clear boundaries in your work time. No more computer or phone time after 10 pm, so you can have 30-45 minutes of reading time before falling fast asleep.

Doesn't that sound divine?

If you are having trouble sleeping, I hope you found this list useful.

tips for better sleep - mattress with DreamCloud logo

What tips for better sleep would you add to the list?

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  1. Good tips for getting a good nights rest. I have sleeping problems and wish I could sleep like a baby…..or even my cat! LOL!

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